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Cantonese Pastor

Cantonese Pastor

Company: Toronto Chinese Alliance Church
Contact Person: Rev. Stephen Ford
77 First Avenue
Toronto, Ontario , M4M 1W7
Phone: 647-336-2469

Position Description

Toronto Chinese Alliance Church is looking for a pastor to lead the church’s Cantonese ministry. This person would primarily be responsible for leading and caring for the Cantonese speaking members of the church and for facilitating ministries that would attract new members. This person would also serve on the pastoral team, contributing oversight and direction to the whole church. This leader needs to have a passion for God and for Deeper Life in the Spirit, be a person of integrity and truth, and have experience in ministry. This individual should have gifts in preaching, pastoring and evangelism. While the focus of the ministry will be in Cantonese, there should also be some level of comfortability in English.

About TCAC

TCAC was established over fifty years ago, out of God’s vision and the passion of a pastor and his wife to reach Cantonese speaking immigrants and university students transitioning to life in Canada.

Currently, we have three congregations speaking Cantonese, Mandarin and English. The English congregation is becoming more multi-cultural under the influence of our non-Chinese senior pastor who arrived in August 2017. TCAC is located in a community that has seen changes from a large Cantonese speaking population to a more multi-cultural demographic, including downtown business people and Mandarin speaking immigrants.

Our vision is to be a Christ-centered, vibrant downtown Christian community, reaching out to our families, friends, coworkers and neighbours. We are committed to reaching out to all members of our community irrespective of cultural and ethnic backgrounds, but the Cantonese pastor’s focus would be on ministry to Cantonese speaking people.

Major Areas of Responsibility

  1. Preaching and teaching
  2. Equipping
  3. Shepherding and caring
  4. Overseeing
  5. Outreach


The Cantonese Pastor would be accountable to the Senior Pastor.

Prospective candidates can submit curriculum vitae to: Rev. Stephen Ford  

多倫多華人宣道會現正尋找一名牧者來帶領教會粵語事工。此角色主要負責領導及關懷教會的粵 語群體,與及促進各事工來吸引更多新會眾。此角色亦須在牧者團隊中事奉,向教會整體提供監 督及指導。此領袖要對神有熾熱的心,與及追求在靈命上進深,持守正直和真理,在事奉上有經 驗。此角色亦要有講道、牧養及傳福音的恩賜。雖然事工重點在粵語,但也需有一定程度的英語 能力。

關於多宣: 因著神賜予一對熱心牧師夫婦異象,要幫助粵語移民及大學學生在加拿大的過渡生活,故於五十 年前成立多宣。

目前,我們有說粵語、國語及英語三種會眾。在 2017 年 8 月份非華裔主任牧師到任後,在他影 響下,英語會眾已變得多元化。多宣所在的社區,也從大部份說粵語的群體變為更多元化的人口, 包括在城中作商業的與及說國語的移民。

我們的願景是成為一個以基督為本,滿有生命力,植根市中心,向親友、同事及及鄰里外展的基 督徒群體。我們致力於接觸我們社區的所有群體,不論文化和族裔背景,但粵語牧者的重點乃為 說粵語的群體。


  1. 講道及教導
  2. 裝備
  3. 牧養及關顧
  4. 監督
  5. 外展 



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