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Parish Administrator

Parish Administrator

Company: St John the Baptist, Norway (Anglican Church)
Contact Person: The Rev. Molly Finlay
470 Woodbine Ave
Toronto, Ontario , M4E 2H6

Position Description


Our Ministry Team Is Hiring!

Are you an adept administrator with great communications skills who loves the Church? St. John’s may be looking for you!

Our beautiful and historic Beaches parish is facing all of the challenges of COVID head on! We are looking for a part-time administrator with excellent digital skills to join our vibrant ministry team to support the parish’s growth and development.

Do you:

  • Love working with people each day?
  • Have top notch computer skills using a variety of software programs? 
  • Enjoy communicating in a digital world?
  • Appreciate the unique rhythm of the life of the Church and want to help prepare a variety of worship services?
  • Have a pastoral heart—knowing when people need a listening ear or how to direct them?
  • Want to work with an energetic and prayerful leadership team who are excited about building and growing God’s church in this dynamic neighbourhood of Toronto?

We offer a competitive salary with benefits for this part time position. A job description is included below. 

Please send your resume and cover letter to: 

The Reverend Molly Finlay,

Deadline to Apply:  Friday, February 5, 2021 – 5:00 PM



Job Description & Responsibilities

Supervisor: The Rev. Molly Finlay


1.1 Purpose of Position

The Parish Administrator will ensure the efficient administration of the parish office, assisting the Incumbent and Churchwardens and other clergy and staff in parish administration.  This includes communications of the mission and work of the Parish.  All diocesan and parish policies and practices must be known and adhered to, particularly the Diocese of Toronto’s Sexual Misconduct and Screening Policies.  This is a part-time (20 hours/week) position.


1.2 Major Responsibilities

a) Administrative

  • Be pleasant and pastorally sensitive for all who enter the parish office or seek ministry by email or over the telephone.  The intermittent nature of visitors and inquiries will require the administrator to be interrupted during administrative tasks in order to greet and assist people, as well as answer email inquiries in a timely, warm and pleasant fashion.
  • Adhere to a high standard of professionalism and confidentiality, both within the parish and in external communications.  
  • Create and update weekly bulletins, both digital and physical; conversion of bulletins to PowerPoint as needed.
  • Create and produce bulletins for special services, including feast days, baptisms, weddings, funerals.
  • With assistance from Incumbent, create roster of lay leaders for Sunday worship and send out readings weekly.
  • Set up ZOOM meetings and send out invites, with direction from Incumbent.
  • Set and answer the voicemail and check email regularly.
  • Ensure the church outdoor sign is up to date, liaise with layperson tasked to do this.
  • Update the website with bulletins/announcements.
  • Create basic digital communications materials; liaise with any graphic design contractors
  • Arrange for printing/collection/posting of mailing of communications materials such as postcards, banners.
  • Assist with social media creation and posting each week, with direction from Incumbent.
  • Prepare emails/letters and envelopes for parish mailings.
  • Maintain adequate inventory of regular and seasonal office supplies; assist other parish groups with ordering supplies and materials.
  • Assist in the collection and preparation of reports for the annual report.
  • Inform the Sexton of all events and parish activities; liaise with Sexton for cleaning requirements with direction from Incumbent/wardens.
  • Attend all weekly ministry team meetings; participate in weekly ministry team devotions and prayers
  • Maintain a neat and welcoming parish office.
  • Periodically train volunteers in the use of appropriate office equipment and procedures.
  • Maintain an updated parish list, calendar and service schedule.
  • Keep an accurate database of parish members, using both excel and PowerChurch.
  • Distribute the membership list as needed.
  • Fill in wedding, funeral, confirmation and baptism registers and certificates.
  • Reproduce and mail certificates and other documents as needed.
  • Liaise with third party renters and tenants.   
  • Maintain close and collegial working interaction with our cemetery administration.

b) Financial

  • Record all Sunday offerings and other gifts each week.
  • Issue receipts for donations and memorials.
  • Support lay leaders in creating thank you notes to donors each year.

c) Perform other duties as assigned

Posted: January 6, 2021 | Expires: February 5, 2021
Posted Under: Administration
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