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Ministry Intern

Ministry Intern

Company: Starting Point Church
Contact Person: Mike Hauser
1996 Itabashi Way
Burlington, Ontario , L7M 4J8
Phone: 9054071962
Position Description

About Our Church

Starting Point Church launched as a new church in February of 2013 in Burlington, Ontario.  Starting Point is intentionally designed for people who don't go to church and the next generation of believers.  

Accepting, Fun, Practical, and Inspiring, our church is striving to make a dent in the unchurched rate of our city that currently stands at 90%+, as well as the next generation of believers, of whom 60%+ are leaving after being brought up attending church.      

Although we believe the church is the "gathering of Christ followers" for His purposes (The Great Commission and the Great Commandment as our mandate), we don't see any mandate that "church" take place on Sunday mornings inside a building.  Because of this, our gathering of believers takes place in homes throughout the week, and we pool our creativity and energy into putting on a one hour "outreach" service every Sunday morning that targets unchurched people.  We use topics that unchurched people are interested in as a means to share the good news of the gospel.  We use environments, technology, video, social media, and other means to communicate in a language our culture understands. 

Pictures are worth 1000 words, and we encourage you to watch some of our highlight videos that show how our story has developed since launching in February 2013.  It can be watched here>>>

About Our Lead Pastor

“I was raised in a loving home that did not attend church.  My dad was an airline pilot, and I grew up seeing the world through the lens of multiculturalism and relativism.   We were taught to be open to other people’s beliefs, but we did not talk about religion very much at all.  Through my parents divorce in 9th grade, I found Jesus with the help of some Christians at my school who shared their faith with me.  At first, I was hostile and disinterested in their efforts to share their faith with me, as I had many misconceptions, stereotypes, and doubts about Christianity.  I am grateful for my memory of this as it has helped me greatly as I try to reach out to people who don’t go to church who share the same misconceptions, sterotypes, and doubts that I had before I became a Christian.  I spent more than a decade helping to build build healthy youth ministries at three churches as a full time youth pastor (Orangeville Baptist Church, now Compass Community Church, Burnett Fellowship in Maple Ridge BC, and Compass Point Bible Church in Burlington, ON).  I married my best friend from high school, Tanya, whom I have known since 10th grade.  We married when we were 20, and had all 4 of our kids (aged 13, 11, 7 (only girl of the bunch), and 6). before we were 30.  Tanya and I consider ourselves “Bapti-costals” as we have experienced God in significant ways through our Pentecostal and Baptist church experience.  

I graduated Heritage College in 2002 with a B.Th in Pastoral Studies.  My first 2 years of this degree was earned at Eastern Pentecostal Bible College before I transferred to Heritage for both theological and personal reasons. 


About this role

We are looking for gifted leaders, managers, servant hearted workers who have a dream to help reach hundreds of unchurched people for Jesus.  Areas of leadership/service may include…

-video production


-youth ministry

-children’s ministry

-worship ministry

-small group ministry

-graphic design

-social media 

-administrative help

Applicants may suggest their own idea on how their skills may help advance kingdom work in our city through our church efforts.


Who We Are Looking For With This Position

We are looking for someone who…

-Has a passion and dream about reaching people for Jesus, discipleship, and turning servant hearted leaders loose to serve our community

-Has the ability to build new personal relationships, and out of these relationships, recruit volunteers in their respective area.

-Has the ability to solve problems in a calm, cool, collected, and fun way

-Has a desire and ability to participate in staff meetings and help the team solve problems outside the Youth ministry department.  We hate silos!  All of us are responsible for the youth ministry, all of us are responsible for the children’s ministry, all of us are responsible for guest services etc.

-Shares our values of being accepting, fun, professional, not taking ourselves too seriously, working hard, working smart, pulling pranks on one another, etc. (not an exhaustive list…we assume, expect, and hold each other accountable to be prayerful, dependent on the Holy Spirit, engaged in God’s Word, living in accountability and community etc.)

-Can work part time

-Is committed to developing their ministry skills and philosophy of ministry through a variety of sources (courses, books, podcasts, conferences, mentoring, etc.)

-Has experience as a key leader or volunteer at their current or previous church.

-Is open to collaborating on what a new church plant out of Starting Point would look like, and what it will need to be successful.   


Time Commitment and Pay

To be discussed and negotiated with potential candidates

Please check out our website for more information about this opportunity.


Posted: April 6, 2014  |  Expires: October 31, 2017
Posted Under: Ministry - General
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