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Content Strategist

Content Strategist

Company: P2C Digital Strategies
20385 64 Ave
Langley City, Remote

Position Description

The Content Strategist is responsible for overseeing all types of content for P2C Digital Strategies, ensuring consistency in all messaging.  This person will be heavily involved in content creation, deployment, and evaluation. This person will also provide leadership to a team that develops content in order to maximize discipleship and the evangelistic reach of the ministry's websites (e.g. He or she will work closely with the Creative Director to further the objectives of the ministry.

Primary Objectives

The Content Strategist will be held accountable for achieving the following objectives:

Develop Website Content Strategy to serve DS Ministry’s Objectives

  • Work closely with Creative Director and Marketing Director to develop and implement content strategies.

Ensure content aligns with DS’ Mission and Vision

  • Supervise an Editorial Team of volunteer and staff writers and editors.
  • Curate and oversee input of all new articles into monthly content calendars and/or relevant databases.
  • With Creative Director’s guidance, oversee the creation of content that draws people into mentoring or serves the mentoring team.

Effectively write and deploy newsletters to mentors and Ministry Partners

  • Oversee the writing and publishing of newsletters in collaboration with the Creative Director.
  • Oversee the use of MailChimp to communicate with donors and subscribers.

Be involved as an online missionary

  • Become an online mentor to understand and experience the heart of DS’ ministry.

Education & Experience

  • Experience with marketing, SEO, Google Analytics, and other marketing tools
  • Familiarity with popular social media network marketing best practices (e.g. Facebook, YouTube)
  • Experience executing plans on a department-wide scale
  • Experience writing and editing
  • Experience supervising others
  • Experience with G Suite and MailChimp is an asset
  • Cognisant of Content Strategy principles

Required Skills & Abilities

  • Fluent in English and has advanced knowledge of English communication principles
  • Proficiency in French is an asset
  • Experience with content management systems, such as WordPress or Statamic
  • Experience with newsletter applications, such as MailChimp, is an asset
  • Experience with G Suite (Google Docs, Drive, etc.) is an asset
  • Comfortable working remotely
  • Works well with others

Other Requirements

A growing, personal relationship with Jesus Christ and a pre-existing belief and demonstration of lifestyle as outlined in the P2C Code of Conduct and Statement of Faith and abide by the biblical principles outlined in these documents


This position requires Ministry Partner Development. The successful candidate will have the privilege to build a partnership team which provides financial and prayer support for the ministry. The financial support will cover the costs of the candidate’s salary and ministry expenses. Power to Change believes that Ministry Partner Development is biblical and God will provide everything necessary to fulfill the calling into ministry: finances, emotional strength and perseverance. Building a ministry partnership team is an integral part of being in ministry. There are many opportunities to bless and encourage the partnership team. Power to Change is committed to providing training and coaching that ensures success in Ministry Partner Development.

Posted: February 22, 2021 | Expires: August 22, 2021
Posted Under: Ministry - General
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