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Social Worker - Position under Canada Summer Jobs Grant

Social Worker - Position under Canada Summer Jobs Grant

Company: Freedom Centre
Contact Person: Rosemary Redshaw
1332 Hamilton St.
Cambridge, Ontario , N3H 3G5
Phone: 5195916518

Position Description

Must be under 30 years of age as per government grants. Remuneration is $14.85. Job can be done remotely for a person with exceptional discipline and organizational skills.

The social work student will work on a few different projects.

  • One will be policy and procedure development as they relate to the future of our project, the Freedom Centre.
    • Policies will cover harassment, confidentiality, values, conflict resolution, accountability and tasks.
    • Some policies will relate to the functioning of our 10 unit crisis intervention unit for Veterans in crisis.
  • The social work student will also begin the development of a volunteer training manual.
  • They will also create an interview process and measurements for determining the suitability of the volunteer to the tasks assigned.
  • They will continue to work on developing a national database for resources for veterans in Canada in co-operation with our board to be available on an accessible web site for veterans released from service or who find themselves in crisis post service.

This job will develop the students digital skills through search engines, communication through digital devices as well as communication skills as they contact various clients of para agencies to assess and glean information on behalf of our agency. As part of the team, they will share information for uploading onto our central database.

Posted: March 22, 2021 | Expires: May 21, 2021
Posted Under: Miscellaneous
Career ID: [ 8659 ]