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Company: Corpath Forums
Contact Person: Randy Yozipovic, Board Chair
Calgary, Alberta

Position Description

The President will seek at all times to advance the ministry of Corpath Business Forums and facilitate Corpath member pursuit of excellence in business, in life and in spirit, and is responsible for achieving the following objectives:

Forum Health & Member Retention

  • Moderator Training: A focus on embracing the mission of Corpath, running healthy meetings, and understanding the impact of the moderator has on forum and member health.
  • Provide support to Forums which may be in need of moderator fill-in, or other services required to maintain Forum Health.
  • To work with the education committee to provide quality educational events that encourage relationship with other members and opportunities to introduce new members.
  • To get to know members and create a culture of connection.

Member Growth

  • To work with the Membership Committee to be the conduit through which new forums are nurtured and launched including meeting with new prospective members.
  • To develop and launch Forums in Alberta, or where a Corpath champion is identified to facilitate expansion in Canada.
  • To engage with existing members who are connectors to share and expand the mission of Corpath.
  • To work with the Mentorship Committee as way to grow young members as people.

Operational & Governance Success

  • Protect the core values of Corpath, including but not limited to: “Christ at the Table,” confidentiality, member participation, transparency, and member financial contributions to support and advance the work of Corpath Business Forums.
  • Meet from time to time as requested with the Corpath Board Chair, and Board of Directors, to discuss duties and issues arising.
  • Regularly report to the Board Chair and Board on matters pertaining to Corpath.
  • Provide advice and support to the Board Chair and Board on the future direction of Corpath.
  • Provide operational support for Corpath in matters pertaining but not limited to governance, financial oversight and reporting, fund-raising, on-line presence, educational programming for members and Corpath prospects, recruitment of new Forum members, recruitment of Forum Chairs, support for Forum Chairs, training of Forum Chairs, establishment of new Forums, assessment of health of Forums;
  • Responsible to oversee Corpath employees or contract personnel.
  • Provide other services from time to time as may be mutually agreed-upon.

In the performance of the duties, The President’s primary Corpath contact and the supervisor will be the Corpath Board Chair

Candidate qualifications

  • Servant leadership style.
  • A successful record of 10+ years of business experience with minimum 5 years in executive role and/or business ownership.
  • Equivalent non- profit experience may be considered.
  • Excellent networking skills, comfortable reaching out to people.
  • Strong time management skills, able to work very independently.
  • Public speaking comfort and experience.
  • Belief in Corpath mission.
  • Excellent facilitation skills.
Posted: April 1, 2021 | Expires: April 30, 2021
Posted Under: Executive
Career ID: [ 8713 ]