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Children’s Ministries Summer Internship

Children’s Ministries Summer Internship

Company: City Centre Baptist Church
Contact Person: Heidi Hlohinec
1075 Eglinton Ave W
Mississauga, Ontario , L5V2W3
Phone: 905-826-8581

Position Description

Hours: 30-40 hours May-August for 16 weeks, starting May 8, 2023

Method of Appointment:  Recommended by the Children’s Ministries Director and Next Gen Pastor to the Senior Pastor, reviewed by the Elders, and ratified by the combined Ministry Board. 

Accountability:  Our Summer Intern will be supervised by the Children’s Ministry Director.  The Intern will provide a weekly ministry report which will be reviewed based on this job description and the assigned ministry projects.   Evaluation will be ongoing and conducted as a regular element of weekly meetings with the Children’s Ministries Director or Next Gen Pastor.

Works closely with The Children’s Ministry Director, Next Gen Pastor, Next Gen Intern, Pastoral Staff, Office Staff, Summer Camp Staff, and Congregation. 

Supervises:  Supervises and gives direction as appropriate to Summer Camp Staff and lay Volunteers.

Program Objective:  The Internship program at City Centre is designed to provide an environment where Interns can participate in the planning, preparation, and hands-on aspects of ministry, with the opportunity to develop the skills required for vocational ministry. In addition, the aim is to foster this within an atmosphere that encourages spiritual growth and maturity. Our Summer Internships focus on Sunday mornings and camp ministry.

Qualifications: As a guideline, mature men and women who want to gain experience in vocational ministry are encouraged to apply. High consideration is given to applicants who would significantly benefit from serving in Children and/or Youth Ministries in view of related occupations, whether in a church setting or otherwise. On a qualitative level, we seek individuals with a solid understanding of the foundations of the Christian faith and doctrine, who have already demonstrated appropriate gifting and are currently excelling academically and in service.  With a view to future vocational ministry, the following qualifications are desirable:

  • Meets the moral and spiritual qualifications set out biblically for an Elder/ Pastor as per 1 Tim 3:1-7; Titus 1:6-9; 1 Pet 1-4.  
  • Models an active and growing Christian faith, character, lifestyle, and testimony.
  • Firmly embraces evangelical Baptist theology. Unconditionally commits to follow and champion the Doctrines, Covenants, Mission, and Core Values of CCBC.
  • Demonstrably gifted in the areas of leadership, communications, and interpersonal engagement.
  • Evidences of a caring heart for people (particularly children), and a passion for souls. Relates well multi-culturally. 
  • Spiritually growing; a team player; an accountable servant-leader with a teachable spirit.
  • An active or contingent CCBC Member.

Specific Responsibilities:

Ministry (70%)

The Intern will be given the opportunity to engage in various types of church ministry from the perspective of planning, training, implementing, and evaluating the effectiveness of programs.  Exposure to diverse opportunities will be provided, with consideration of the Intern’s interests, passion, and gifting.  Ministry work will often take the form of specific “Projects,” which are self-contained units of work that can be more easily run from conception to completion within the shorter time constraints of the Intern’s work week and duration of the program.  Ministry experience may include:

  • Discipling children and youth
  • Assisting Pastoral staff with leading, teaching, and/or in organizing programs, outreaches, special events, and retreats, primarily focused on coordination for summer Children’s Ministry or Youth programming and events. This will especially include the following:
    • Sunday morning Kingdom Kids our Youth Bible Hour ministry
    • Summer Camps
    • Youth Group activities
  • Weekly meeting with Children’s Ministries Director or Next Gen Pastor for leadership mentoring, input, direction, encouragement, and to evaluate progress.

Administration (30%)

The Intern will be given the opportunity to participate in church leadership from an operational perspective as well as a ministry perspective.   Learning the skills and concepts required for the successful administration of church business, proper utilization of support staff, and effective organization of ministry servants will be included.  Administrative experience may include:

  • Developing an understanding of church operations, policies, and procedures
  • Exposure to church management software, communications, and calendar 
  • Experience with ministry planning software for services, servant scheduling 
  • Enhancing planning and preparation for weekly Children’s Ministry programming and summer camp programs
  • Enhancing people tracking processes for Children or Youth Ministries
  • Organize and update files, and review policies for Children or Youth Ministries
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