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Director of Philanthropy

Director of Philanthropy

Company: Jews for Jesus Canada
Contact Person: Lisa McClung
10 Huntingdale Blvd.
Toronto, Ontario
Phone: M1W 2S5

Position Description

Vision for Change

Every Jewish person has the right to make up their own mind about Jesus. Many Jewish people have never heard that following Jesus is a viable and thriving expression of Jewish life. We want other Jewish people to have the opportunity to experience the spiritual richness we’ve found in being Jewish and following Jesus.


Jews for Jesus was established as a Canadian not-for-profit, charitable organization in 1976, and is governed by a six-member Canadian Board of Directors. Our mission is to relentlessly pursue God’s plan for the salvation of the Jewish people. Jews for Jesus also has branches in other countries including the United States, Israel, Germany, Hungary, England, France, Russia, Ukraine, South Africa, Australia, and one undisclosed location.

Opportunity - Director of Philanthropy

Purpose of the Role: To deepen relationships with a portfolio of high-capacity financial partners on behalf of Jews for Jesus Canada, inviting them to generously invest in the Jews for Jesus ministry of Jewish evangelism.

Blessing of the Role: The blessing of this position will be the satisfaction of helping Jews for Jesus financial partners improve their stewardship, find joy in their giving, and fulfill their passions and interests in Jewish evangelism through their investment in Jews for Jesus.

Personal and Professional Qualities

Hungry: You are a strong self-starter and able to thrive in a self-managing role
Humble: You are a servant leader willing to lead or follow as necessary
Smart: You have a strong EQ and are committed to building, strong lasting relationships

Qualifications and Experience

Spiritual: Must be a committed follower of Yeshua (Jesus)
Experience: You have demonstrated success in major donor fundraising or related experience
Communications: You have excellent personal and written communications skills
Technology: You are proficient in the daily use of business-related technology platforms and devices
Education: While post-secondary education is preferred, related industry experience is essential
Learning: Must be willing to read, learn new tools, techniques, and methodologies

Ongoing Responsibilities

  • Cultivate a portfolio of approximately 150 qualified individuals/families with the goal of developing personal relationships with each person/family that results in continued and increasing financial partnership.
  • Create individual giving goals for each financial partner in his or her portfolio based on the partner's history of giving, the organization's knowledge of that partner's potential, and the partner's communicated passions/interests.
  • Develop a "Moves Management" plan for each financial partner that will serve as a foundational communication and marketing plan for each partner in the portfolio that retains or upgrades their investment.
  • Make asks of financial partners in your portfolio that consider the individual partner's interests, motivations, giving patterns and communications preferences. This includes cash gifts, non-cash gifts, and planned giving gifts.
  • Work with field branch and the communications department to obtain appropriate project information and create offers, proposals and asks that will be used with financial partners to secure investments.
  • Gather information that can be sent back to financial partners to report on the impact of their investment.
  • Create regular reports as required by management that accurately reflect portfolio activity and performance.
  • In cooperation with the North America Director of Philanthropy, develop and implement plan for new financial partner acquisition.
  • Promote planned giving and gifts of non-cash assets within your portfolio, guiding your financial partners through the planned giving process.
  • Along with the North America Director of Philanthropy, develop and execute a professional development plan that includes regularly increasing in knowledge and best practices of successful major financial partner development. 
  • Perform other development activities as may be required.
  • Know, understand, and protect the mission, goals, and values of Jews for Jesus.


  • Participate in regular team meetings to review revenue and activity.
  • Engage in monthly coaching calls with the North America Director of Philanthropy (or designee) to review the plan for your portfolio and work through challenges or frustrations.
  • Make a minimum of 20 meaningful interactions per week with your portfolio financial partners or potential new partners.
  • Submit to a bi-annual review process led by the North America Director of Philanthropy.
  • Manage own process, calendar and budget while adhering to the policies and procedures of the organization, get along with peers, subordinates, and management, and maintain a positive and constructive attitude while meeting stated objectives and solving problems.

How Success is Measured

  • Be a contributing member of a measurable, sustainable, and manageable international Philanthropy team.
  • Grow your portfolio investments by a minimum of 10% annually.
  • Increase the number of planned giving and/or non-cash gift participants within your portfolio annually.

Some Further Information About Jews for Jesus Canada

Jews for Jesus is a faith-based religious organization and does not engage in unlawful discrimination or harassment because of race, color, ancestry, religion, age, sex, national origin, pregnancy or childbirth, or disability. As a religious organization, and consistent with the law, Jews for Jesus hires staff based on their religious beliefs about Jesus Christ, so that all staff share the same religious commitment, purpose, and values. Jews for Jesus maintains its religious mission and reserves its Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms to make hiring and other decisions based on religion and in furtherance of its religious objectives. These rights are clearly established in provincial and federal law, that as a religious organization, Jews for Jesus has the right to hire only those individuals who are Christians and who agree with our statements of faith and practice, based on our religious beliefs and requirements for all staff.

Before You Apply

This role is directly responsible to the Canadian Director with regular reporting to the North America Director of Philanthropy.

Travel: It is expected that this role will require approximately 30% travel and may include cross-border (USA/Canada) and/or other international travel as required. As such, you must be able to meet any necessary travel protocols.

Location: While the Jews for Jesus Canada office is based in Toronto, this position is remote and will be filled by a candidate living and legally eligible to work in Canada.

Compensation: This is a full-time, salaried position.

Applying for this Opportunity:

Cause Leadership Inc. is assisting Jews for Jesus Canada in their selection of a Director of Philanthropy.

If you, or someone you know, would like to start a confidential conversation about this opportunity, please email: Cause Leadership at

Those interested in applying for this opportunity are invited to submit their cover letter and resume to:

The opportunity will remain open until a successful candidate is selected.

We thank all interested parties but only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

Posted: April 12, 2022 | Expires: August 31, 2022
Posted Under: Fundraising
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