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Lead Pastor

Lead Pastor

Company: Foothills Alliance Church
Contact Person: Elke Carlson
333 Edgepark Blvd NW
Calgary, Alberta , T3A 4K4
Phone: 403 241 9777

Position Description


Foothills exists to create pathways for you to Know God, Love Others, Reach Neighbours, and Serve the World.


REPORTS TO: Board of Elders

PARTNERS WITH: Pastoral Staff; Director of Operations; Office Manager; Administrative Staff; Volunteers; Congregants


The Lead Pastor will be responsible for empowering the church to fulfill God’s mission through giving spiritual leadership to elders, staff and the congregation at Foothills Alliance Church.


  •  Vision focused – oversees, coordinates, collaborates and communicates the vision, mission, core values and strategic plan for the church
  • Pray first – devoted to prayer and promotes prayer as foundational for spiritual growth and discipleship of the church
  • Leadership – provides bold, God-led and servant focused guidance to church, elders and staff
  • Administration – empowers, equips and develops ministry staff in gifts, calling and discipleship, while keeping staff accountable to vision and Ministry Action Plans (MAPS). Intentionally trains and provides pathways for emerging leaders in the congregation and staff team.
  • Preaching – oversees and leads the preaching and teaching ministries of the church
  • Pastoral Care – ensures that systems are in place for regular and congregational care (through personal interactions, staff, volunteer teams and policy)

Leadership (35%)

  • Empowers church staff and ministry leaders through collaborative leadership to achieve church and ministry goals
  • Equips, leads and mentors church staff, ministry leaders and the Leadership team through ministry-area planning and review, regular teambuilding, professional, and ministry development
  • Ensures systems of accountability, and evaluation are in place for staff, ministry leaders, ministry areas, and the overall church ministry
  • In consultation with the Executive Leadership Team and the personnel committee, takes responsibility for the hiring, managing, and releasing of church staff, ministry leaders

Visioning & Strategic Direction (25%)

  • Understands Foothills Alliance church vision/plan and ensures the vision/plan creates pathways to theologically sound spiritual formation of church staff, members, and the congregation
  • Creatively and regularly communicates Foothills Alliance’s vision and direction to the congregation
  • Establishes and communicates ministry priorities

Preaching and Teaching (20%)

  • Oversees the preaching and spiritual formation ministries of the church
  • Communicates the Christian faith through Spirit-led and Scripture-based preaching and lifestyle
  • Responds to issues in society, the community and the church with practical relevant biblical input

Pastoral Care (15%)

  • Oversees the care of the congregation through life groups, staff and volunteers
  • Create tools and opportunities for congregants to grow in their discipleship journey
  • Ensure healthy processes for pastoral care are in place for the congregation for dedications, weddings and funerals, visitation, and hospital care

Miscellaneous (5%)

  • Oversees Justice and Compassion and Global Impact ministry
  • Officiates wedding and funeral ceremonies as appropriate
  • Fulfills District and denominational responsibilities


  • Growing, authentic and Spirit-led relationship with Jesus based on sound biblical principles
  • Servant leader who mentors others and leads by example with humility
  • Confident communicator with a capacity to inspire and enable others to reach their God-given calling, and to achieve fruitfulness in their personal lives and ministries
  • Personal orientation towards action and impact
  • Warm, hospitable, charismatic and contagious personality and enjoys engaging with people
  • Healthy balance between work, family and personal wellness
  • Ability to model healthy interactions of engagement - giving and receiving feedback, resolving conflict, strong skills in relationships of accountability, mentoring, encouragement and development


  • Reports directly to the Board of Elders
  • Attends all monthly Board of Elders meetings
  • Serves as the key representative of the church staff to the Board of Elders and vice-versa
  • Serves as the Direct Report for our Ministry Team Leads
  • Works closely with the Director of Operations and Office Manager
  • Serves alongside of the Personnel Committee and its work; attends all meetings


  • Compatible with Foothills values & culture (see church profile below)
  • Licensed and ordained or prepared to pursue licensing and/or ordination with the C&MA
  • A deep commitment to the core values, theology and initiatives of the C&MA
  • Educational requirements - theological training at a Bachelor's degree level or higher from an accredited school, or acceptable equivalents. Masters of Doctorate preferred
  • 10+ years of Pastoral experience in a dynamic church setting
  • Proven experience in people leadership, pastoral care and organizational oversight
  • Proficiency in MS Office (OneNote, Outlook, Word, Publisher, PowerPoint)
  • Willingness to understand new computer skills and programs
  • Excellent time management skills, and the ability to prioritize work
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills


  • Position (full-time)—40-hour work week with the expectation that the responsibilities are looked after as outlined in the Employee Handbook
  • The total compensation is negotiable based on experience and education
  • Annual review by BOE


  • Resumes should be submitted to the Search Committee Chair via email: 
  • Please take time to read our church profile at the bottom of this page
  • Please provide a cover letter and resume including the following:
    • Your personal journey to ministry
    • Knowledge of your spiritual and leadership gifts and where they have been used
    • Links to two recorded sermons via video
    • Social media profile, posting if appropriate


In August of 2021, Foothills Alliance Church (FAC) embarked on a transitional journey following the departure of our Lead Pastor. Since then, many hours of prayer, fasting and discernment have taken place with our congregation, staff and elders. The focus has been on evaluating the current state of our church and renewing our vision and purpose. Ultimately, it has resulted in the development of this profile, and it is with hopeful expectancy that we continue to seek God’s guidance in the search for our new Lead Pastor.


Foothills began as a church plant out of First Alliance in 1965. A group of about 20 families who lived in the NW part of Calgary came together and built their first sanctuary in Brentwood. A new building was constructed in Edgemont between 1992-1993, and in 2011, we completed a major expansion to our present facility, which virtually doubled our square footage and has created numerous opportunities for new ministries.

Foothills serves people from all across NW Calgary and beyond. We're a community of people on a journey to better understand how Jesus wants to make a difference in our lives. Diversity is very important to us! Foothills is singles, marrieds, families, teens, young adults, seniors, new immigrants & new Canadians, established Calgarians, God seekers, and skeptics.


Foothills exists to create pathways for you to Know God, Love Others, Reach Neighbours, and Serve the World.


O God, we long, with all our hearts, for a transforming journey with you where you are making us to be a people who know you, love others, reach neighbours and serve the world


  • Pray First – Jesus reminds us that when we abide in him, we will produce sustainable fruit. Thus, at all times, before we make any decisions or set out to serve, we must Pray First! (Col 4:2-6)
  • People Matter – Jesus truly loved people. He constantly responded to people with remarkable compassion and concern. He taught that the most important thing in the world was to love God, and he followed that teaching with a call to love neighbors passionately and intentionally. People matter to Jesus more than we could ever begin to imagine. (2 Cor 5:11-21)
  • Intentional Diversity – Jesus told his first followers to look forward to the coming of the Holy Spirit, but when the Spirit came things happened in a way that no one could have anticipated. From its inception the church was (and is!) called to move beyond the comfort zone of being with people who are like us. (Acts 2:1-13; Ps 67:1-7; Is 62:10; Matt 28:16-20; Eph 2:11-22)
  • People of the Book – God has not left us to our own resources to make sense of this crazy journey called life. He’s given us a remarkable book that informs our decisions, transforms our perspectives, encourages our weary hearts, comforts our sorrows and adds joy to the wonder of life. (Mt4:1-11; Ps 119:105-112; 2 Tim 3:16-17)


(The images reflected here are found in our church logo. You can refer to our website for the illustration)

  • KNOWING GOD: (Cross)
    • A representation of our steeple in the middle of the logo shows creating pathways to Knowing God is at the center of everything we do
  • LOVING OTHERS (Two Lines/People in Proximity)
    • We are better together!  The two lines of the "lazy F" in the logo represent that we always create pathways ot be in community together
  • REACHING NEIGHBOURS (The Arched Hook/Hand Extended to Offer Help)
    • An abstract representation of a helping hand illustrates our value of reaching out beyond ourselves to create pathways or those around us to seek God, community, and support
  • SERVING THE WORLD (The Complete Arch - Door/Outermost Element)
    • The outermost element indicates our value for opening doors and creating patheays to serve people locally and globally as we radiate God's redemptive work into the community and beyo


Earlier this year the Foothills Congregation participated in a collective discernment process. The purpose of this process was to ask God two questions: How does God see Foothills currently, and how would he like Foothills to look in the future?

As we navigated through this process, and as we listened to God and to each other, a few key themes emerged:

  1. Within our congregation there is a desire to know how to live out faith, a strong appetite for biblical teaching, and a need for recognition of the work of the Holy Spirit
  2. Foothills has a rich history and has untapped potential. There is a need for strong community, connectedness and discipleship
  3. We also must look outward to our community and to the world. Diversity in its many expressions must be welcomed

This process has, in many ways, helped to affirm the existing mission and vision of Foothills, while simultaneously highlighting areas and themes that will be critical for the future of our church. It is with this renewed focus on “creating pathways” that we press onward in anticipation of the individual that God has called to lead Foothills into this vision of the future and beyond.

Posted: April 28, 2022 | Expires: July 27, 2022
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