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Executive Director

Executive Director

Company: SafeHope Home
Contact Person: Cindy Brown
Box 368, 15-75 Bayly St. W
Ajax, Ontario , L1S 7K7

Position Description


As Executive Director, you will lead the organization and provide overall management, including programs and services, human resources, finance, and strategic organizational development.

The Executive Director reports to the Board of Directors and is responsible for providing them, with regular reports. This responsibility includes ensuring the organization is providing the services and programs that match the mission of the organization and service contracts with the Ministry, and oversees the assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation of services.


The Executive Director will have strong servant leadership qualities, be self motivated, always demonstrate professionalism, exemplify a good Christian witness and be fiscally responsible. In addition, the Executive Director:

  • Accepts the Statement of Faith, Lifestyle Morality, Standards, and the Confidentiality Agreement, signed yearly, and endeavors to live their life as a believer, following these beliefs, as is humanly possible.
  • Must have post secondary education. 
  • Prefer to have 3 to 5 years prior experience in an Executive role.
  • Must have 5 to 10 years working in a similar organization or related field
  • May have a background in social services or lived experience

The individual needs to attending a local church and active in ministry.


Direct Ministry

  • Provide oversight to the ministry program of SafeHope Home, leading the planning and implementation of the ministry.
  • Build relationships within the community and appropriate Government partners.

Staff/Volunteer Management

  • Develop and maintain a viable organizational structure to utilize staff and volunteers in meeting the goals and objectives of SafeHope Home.
  • Work with Managers to create training curriculum for staff and volunteers, with additional customization for individual roles.
  • Encourage, build up and empower staff.
  • Oversee volunteer recruitment, with special consideration towards the sensitive nature of the clients we serve.

Public Relations

  • In collaboration with the Senior Manager of Community Engagement, maintain relationships with agencies, churches, and businesses, interested in the ministry of SafeHope Home.
  • Be the main spokesperson for the organization through public speaking and written communications.
  • Prioritize projects and other government opportunities related to future growth.


  • Accountable to the Board of Directors for all operational aspects of the ministry:
    • Policies and procedures properly documented, current and adhered to.
    • Prepare monthly and annual financial reports for review by the Board of SafeHope Home.
  • Accountable for Human Resource:
    • Recruitment, training, supervision, and support.
    • Completion of annual staff performance assessments.
  • Carry out other duties prescribed by the Board from time-to-time.
  • Inform staff and volunteers of Board resolutions.
  • Provide timely, organizational updates to the Board.

Financial Management

  • Manage and maintain Ontario Government funding through PATCO / MCCSS.
  • Forecast needs for additional funding and lobby for the funding.
  • Interact with the Treasurer to ensure accurate and current financial records.
  • Develop the operational budget in cooperation with the Treasurer and Board.
  • Ensure all time reports, expense statements and vacation schedules are documented.
  • Ensure adherence to monthly budget and seek Board approval for exceptions and deviations.
  • Review and approve all expense reports, bills and invoices from staff, volunteers, and agencies, for accuracy, timeliness, and adherence to budget.
  • Oversee the Bookkeeper’s document retention of donations received and applicable issuance of tax receipts.

Fund Raising

  • Develop/create proposals for foundations, government and organizations that may require detailed submissions for funding requests.
  • Develop an overall fundraising strategy in cooperation with the Senior Manager of Community Engagement.
  • Collaborate with Senior Manager of Community Engagement in the creation and promotion of fundraising events.
  • Gain the financial support of churches and other organizations interested in the work of SafeHope Home.

Community Partners

  • Actively expand community partnership working to support the objectives of the Ministry.
  • Represent SafeHope Home in these partnerships demonstrating the organization’s core values.

Personal Qualities

  • Servant Leader
  • Communicator
  • Visionary
  • Compassionate
  • Professional
  • Technologically savvy to compete for fundraising dollars in social media


The Executive Director's performance is evaluated annually by the Board of Directors.


The Executive Director position is a full-time salaried position.


The salary for this position is determined on a scale, based on education and experience.

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