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Chief Operating Officer

Chief Operating Officer

Company: nightlight Canada
Contact Person: Ben Platz
PO Box 35052 Kingston Centre
Kingston, Ontario , K7L 1H0
Phone: 3433630508

Position Description


Founded in 2011, nightlight Canada is a multi-denominational non-profit Christian ministry that engages the “relationally poor” with those that are a part of the local Church. We run drop-in spaces in four cities for people to get to know each other. We see those at the margins overcoming relational poverty, those within the Church becoming better-developed disciples of Christ, and those within society seeing a compelling, effective witness of Jesus Christ.


nightlight Canada is growing, and rebuilding after the impact of Covid. We now need a full-time Chief Operating Officer (COO) to complement our visionary CEO and together dramatically accelerate the necessary support structures that facilitate the operation. Are you a mission-focused, seasoned, strategic, and process-minded leader with experience leading an executive management team? Do you want to have a significant impact on this rebuilding opportunity, create the needed systems for nightlight to flourish, and prepare nightlight for growing it in the future? We need the staff and volunteers to deliver measurable, effective results in a flexible grassroots culture. Can you draw on the diverse skills and gifts that each member of the team brings to this ministry? Can you commit to our ministry and its Ethos, Statement of Faith, and Policy Governance style?

As our COO you will lead the internal operation of the organization, manage the central staff and operational volunteers, foster an empowered and accountable culture in a Policy Governance framework, coordinate the annual operations plan and budget, develop an improved financial reporting system, develop and implement a Balanced Scorecard Metric for Non-Profits, upgrade the current technology infrastructure, and partner with the CEO to identify growth opportunities and priorities.

Complementing the CEO, who has prime responsibility for the vision for nightlight and for fundraising, as our COO you will ensure that fundraising projects are well implemented and assist the CEO and Executive Directors of each centre to raise local funds.

Key Qualifications

As the successful candidate you have exceptional experience and capacity for managing and leading people; a team builder, some of the time with non-profit organizations or reasonable equivalency. You have an essential high degree of alignment with our Ethos, Statement of Faith, and our Governance Policies. You bring a proven track record of exceeding goals and an orientation to effective results. You can work closely with the CEO as you divide the tasks between the two of you based on your individual abilities and skills. You enjoy working hard and can rise to challenges and are able to act and respond as necessary. You are comfortable with the high degree of diversity expected of this position, and can easily switch between strategic planning and detailed implementation. You have a strong understanding of systems, HR, and finance, and a broad experience with a range of business functions and systems. You enjoy demonstrating an exemplary witness of your faith and achieving performance through motivating staff and volunteers, inspiring them through excellent communications, both across distances and by visiting our four locations. You give serious consideration to the need for close proximity to the CEO at our head office in Kingston. You have a solid educational background, with at least an undergraduate degree.


This is an outstanding opportunity for a highly motivated professional who shares the faith, ethos, and a passion for this ministry to assume a pivotal role in the rebuilding and evolution of a highly needed organization. We are seeking an individual to join nightlight in a full-time capacity, someone of commendable quality with a respected track record.

Salary range $60,000 to $70,000. Vacation and location are negotiable.


Documents available on request: Statement of Faith, Ethos, Policy Governance “ENDs” statement, COO Job Description.

Interested? Questions? Send your application to:

Ben Platz, CEO, nightlight Canada Inc.


Or Paper: PO Box 35052 Kingston Centre, Kingston ON K7L 1H0

Timing: Applications close on Wednesday July 6 @ 5 pm EDT.

Posted: June 10, 2022 | Expires: July 7, 2022
Posted Under: Executive
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