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Dean of Men/Sports Director

Dean of Men/Sports Director

Company: Nipawin Bible College
Contact Person: Bradly Lytle
Box 1986
Nipawin, Saskatchewan , S0E 1E0
Phone: 306-862-5095

Position Description

Dean of Men/Sports Director is appointed by the President and is directly responsible to the Dean of Student Life and indirectly to the President. This is a full time position with the ability to be a 8 or 12 month contract.

Role Purposes

  • To be a mentor/discipler to the male students with the purpose of furthering their development toward “maturity in Christ”.
  • To promote and actively build a safe, respectful, nurturing environment/community in which optimum spiritual growth is possible, and healthy relationships will be established.
  • To inspire and build confidence and commitment in the student development personnel for their role in guiding students toward personal, spiritual and social growth.
  • To engage in the purposes, strategies, implementation, and evaluation, as it relates to student development in the institution.

Role Responsibilities 

  • Serve on the Student Life leadership team, which is chaired by the Dean of Student Life and also includes the Dean of Women. This involves attendance and at times, leadership, at weekly meetings and submitting regular reports to the Dean of Student Life as required.
  • Engage in the development and implementation of the Community Living guidelines, enforcing consequences as necessary and maintaining records as necessary.
  • Assist in the selection of all roommate/room assignments and Residence Assistants.
  • Direct, and train Resident Assistants through weekly one on one meetings.
  • Direct, and oversee all ministries in and connected to the Men’s Residence.
  • Lead and facilitate a 7-24 discipleship group.
  • Be intentionally engaged in discipleship and interpersonal care through regular meetings with each male student throughout the school year.
  • Keep a current file on the Men who are struggling through more severe issues, working to collaborate with the Chaplin as needed.
  • In regards to the Sport’s Director, responsibilities would include:
    • Providing leadership over the sports program and administration.
    • Organizing 1-2 home or away tournaments per semester for the soccer and basketball teams. As well as, mini local tournaments and sports camps in the summer.
    • Being the head coach of the NBC Basketball team and soccer team. Coordinating and communicating practice with players and staff.
    • Supervising the Royal’s Wreck coordinator (student worker) during the school year.
    • Maintaining and updating the sports equipment room and weight room.

Role Qualifications

  • We place a heavy emphasis on the role qualifications. This role is about finding someone who is passionate about investing in the personal and spiritual growth of others. The candidate should evidence
  • Personal commitment to Christ as Lord in all aspects of their life. Specifically recognizing and showing passion in the area of Christ’s attitude towards others (Phil 2; 1Tim. 4:12).
  • Passionate about caring for other’s and actively listening in order to give feedback and instruction that points the person to truth in God’s word and to a more submissive heart to Jesus Christ (Eph. 4:15-16).
  • Enthusiasm for nurturing others towards Christ in their personal and spiritual development (2 Tim. 2:2).
  • Strong interpersonal skills with an orientation toward teamwork and adaptability.
  • Training and/or experience in interpersonal care and discipleship.
  • Experience in the Bible College context (minimally as a student), with a strong belief in the value of such institutions.

Position Time Breakdown

Dean of men should average out to 20 hours a week and Sport’s director should average out to 20 hours a week.

If a 12 month position, responsibilities in the summer month’s
During the summer month’s this role would shift to maintenance and sports director which would include responsibilities such as:

  • Helping with campus building projects, and general up-keep of the campus in a variety of areas.
  • Supervising summer maintenance staff, mentoring and helping them fulfill their roles well. 
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