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TEFL Teachers and Assistants

TEFL Teachers and Assistants

Company: Global Shore Opportunities
Contact Person: Lexi Putman de Pelaez
El Tizate
Pastores, Guatemala, Outside Canada/International
Phone: (519) 550-1707

Position Description

We are seeking English teachers and assistants for our primary and secondary students.

Primary School Teachers: We are seeking English teachers for our JK-9 students. Students receive 2-3 classes a week, and teachers take part in the life of the school throughout their stay. A TEFL certification or teaching experience is required.

Secondary School Teachers: Students at the secondary level are usually in a bilingual program, with daily English classes, working towards English language fluency. This teacher will work with students at the Grades 10-12 level. A TEFL certification or teaching experience is required.

TEFL Department Assistants: TEFL Assistants act as helpers to the TEFL teachers and may spend more time with younger or older students depending on both strengths and preferences. This position provides support to the department as a whole, enrichment for advanced students and extra support for struggling students. Applications for periods of at least four months will be considered. No teaching certification required.

TEFL Department Assistant & Homeschooling Teacher: While working within the TEFL department as a TEFL Department Assistant, this position also provides tutoring for bilingual children of our missionary staff within the regular schedule. A commitment throughout the school year is required to provide continuity to the tutoring program. No teaching certification is required.

All TEFL staff fundraise for their work with Global Shore Opportunities. The estimated fundraising total for a year’s ministry is $14,000 (CAD). If the applicant does not have a TEFL certification and the position requires certification, we are happy to work with you to find a reputable certification organization. Fees associated with the certificate can be fundraised.

Interested? Take at look at our website for more information and fill out our application form.


Posted: August 30, 2022 | Renewed: March 2, 2023 | Expires: September 1, 2023
Posted Under: Education
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