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Worship Coordinator/Director

Worship Coordinator/Director

Company: Bethel CRC Acton
Contact Person: Administrative Assistant
365 Queen Street
Acton, Ontario , L7J 2N2
Phone: 519-853-2121

Position Description

Bethel Christian Reformed Church, a vibrant and active church in Acton, Ontario is seeking a new Worship Coordinator/Director.   
We are looking for someone to promote and develop a vibrant yet meaningful and vulnerable approach to worship. This person must be proficient in music and/or playing an instrument, and able and willing to lead groups in worship, and is eager to share their personal relationship with Jesus Christ through all aspects of worship.  We will benefit from a dynamic and energetic team leader with strong interpersonal, leadership, organizational and communication skills.
The successful candidate will work with the pastor(s), worship teams and technical support to create worship that is current, as well as blended to meet the spiritual needs of our church community and beyond. A job description with more details is available upon request, for further discussion and visioning. If this describes you, and if you are up to this fantastic challenge, we encourage you to apply at

Posted: August 31, 2022 | Expires: November 29, 2022
Posted Under: Pastoral - Music
Career ID: [ 11097 ]