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Lead Pastor

Lead Pastor

Company: Williams Lake Evangelical Free Church
Contact Person: Carla Friesen-Martin
1100 11th Ave N
Williams Lake, British Columbia

Position Description


Incorporated in 1972, the WLEFC has been serving the community of Williams Lake for 50 years. At present, we have approximately 180 members and adherents. Demographically, our church includes a wide variety of ages, with the larger portion being older. We have a desire to reach out to and attract more young families and individuals. Our congregation supports missions locally and internationally. In our local community, our most widely known ministry is Maranatha Christian School, which our congregation founded in 1978 and continues to operate.

As a member church of the Evangelical Free Church of Canada, we are committed to the authority of Scripture and uphold the EFCC Statement of Faith, and Character and Calling. Our vision is to be an organic community, personally equipped to passionately share the gospel of Jesus Christ to make more and better disciples.


  • Acquired theological training for the care of the church and the preaching of God’s Word 
  • Agree with and uphold the WLEFC Constitution and Bylaws 
  • Agree to live by the EFCC Covenant of Personal and Professional Ethics 
  • Agree with and uphold the EFCC Statement of Faith, Character and Calling, and Statement on Gender and Human Sexuality


The following attributes have been identified as priorities in the search for a new lead pastor at this time: 

  • Effective Communication in Preaching and Teaching 
  • Shepherding and Pastoral Care 
  • Ability to Relate to People of All Ages 
  • Visionary Leadership 
  • Prayer Ministry 
  • Training and Developing Leaders 
  • Spiritual Oversight 
  • Servant Leadership 
  • Evangelism and Outreach 
  • Visitation Ministry 

WLEFC is well grounded in Bible-centered teaching, and there is a strong desire for this to continue. Within our congregation, our senior members are active in caring for one another and have a wealth of experience and wisdom. There is a desire in our congregation to have more ministry to children, youth, young adults and young families. There is also a desire to see more genuine fellowship and interpersonal care in the congregation. 

In order for our congregation to grow, leadership needs to inspire the next generations and create passion to be involved in that fellowship and interpersonal care; not just coming to church, but being the church. For younger families, especially, this is less about creating programs and more about finding small ways to serve and connect with others in ways that are authentic. Leadership also needs to enlist senior members to connect with and mentor the younger generations in our congregation. 

To that end, we envision a pastor who is: 

  • Authentic 
  • People Oriented – able to relate to people of all ages 
  • Willing to be Directly Involved in Spiritual Care, but also Motivating and Training Others in the Congregation to Help Meet those Needs so that the Congregation isn’t Complacent and Expecting the Pastor to Do It All


  • Prioritize Personal Prayer and the Study of the Word of God 
  • Effectively Communicate the Word of God and Oversee the Preaching Ministry 
  • Along with the Elders, be Responsible for the Spiritual Leadership of the Congregation 
  • Provide Pastoral Care and Shepherding through Visitation and through Equipping Others to Provide Care 
  • Administer Ordinances of Baptism and Communion 
  • Officiate at Weddings and Funerals as requested 
  • Teach and Lead Topical Studies as needed 
  • Coordinate Weekly Church Services with Staff, Worship Leaders, and Sunday School Superintendent 
  • Participate In and Support EFCC National and Canadian Pacific District Conferences and Initiatives 
  • Serve on the Maranatha Christian School Council 
  • Advise or Assist the MCS Principal and Staff in matters as needed


We invite applicants, upon prayerful consideration of the above and related statements of faith and policy, to submit their cover letter and resumé to:

Carla Friesen-Martin 

Pastoral Search Committee Chair 

Posted: December 13, 2022 | Expires: June 13, 2023
Posted Under: Pastoral
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