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Program Coordinator and Spring Team Lead

Program Coordinator and Spring Team Lead

Company: Camp IAWAH
Contact Person: Steve Brown
304 Iawah Rd.
Godfrey, Ontario , K0H 1T0
Phone: 613 273 5621

Position Description

Spring Overview

The Program Coordinator will work alongside the Schools Coordinator to lead the spring staff team. Together they will ensure that each guest group is well taken care of through the training and development of spring staff, group communication, and onsite hosting/MC-ing. The spring work will prepare the program director for summer success. There will also be time dedicated to planning for the summer sessions.

Summer Overview

Each week the Program Coordinator works within the context of a theme to create a camp session that is memorable, fun-filled, and bursting with energy and excitement. In addition to planning and executing amazing evening games, the Program Coordinator are responsible for MC-ing the day’s events.

Spring Expectations:

  1. Work to build a strong staff team by...
    • Building community
    • Being an advocate for spring staff
    • Modelling what a great staff member looks like
  2. Keep the daily events running smoothly…
    • Work with the school groups to keep them on schedule
    • Starting and finishing off meals
    • Talk with teachers about schedule changes, upcoming events, and other logistics
    • Making announcement
    • Add in the extra stuff that makes IAWAH special (i e. silly songs while gathering a group together. Playing a usual game with an unusual object.)
  3. Plan for summer by….
    • Mapping out the game ideas for summer based on previous years and brand new ideas.
    • Organize the program supplies and work to order additional supplies.
    • Working with the Ministries Director, write up introductions to the weekly theme to be emailed to campers before they arrive.
    • Think big…. think new… think creatively.

Summer Expectations

  1. Keep the daily events running smoothly by….
    • ringing the bell to signal mealtimes, activity periods, etc
    • starting off the meals
    • making announcements ( after Prime Time, events announcements at dinner, outdoor breakfast and activity sign-up announcements at snack)
  2. Supervise cabin clean-up
    • check cabins during the first activity period
    • assign and announce/post scores, distribute prizes
  3. Plan and run 5 wide games + 1 night game per week
    • work with week’s theme to create a storyline for games
    • plan, set up for and run games
  4. Supervise and coordinate Events Help staff that are assigned to the evening game
  5. Work within budget guidelines for the purchasing of supplies
  6. Be prepared to organize and run rainy day games when necessary

In addition to being able to meet the above expectations, successful candidates will be fun-loving individuals who enjoy entertaining and are comfortable making announcements, being part of opening skits and generally looking ridiculous in front of over 100 campers each week. Successful candidates will be creative, imaginative, and passionate about creating awesome games. The ability to organize resources and supplies and the ability to delegate tasks and give direction are both necessary skills. Past experience in a similar role or extensive experience in camping ministry is required.

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