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Assistant/Transitional Pastor

Assistant/Transitional Pastor

Company: The Gathering Place and Revival Centre
Contact Person: Allan Roach
858 Dundas St
London, Ontario , N5W 2Z7
Phone: 15194955060

Position Description

A community on the journey to be more like Jesus The Gathering Place and Revival Centre (an independent evangelical/pentecostal congregation) is seeking an assistant Pastor who is Holy Spirit led, prayerful, wise, faithful, and steadfast. This candidate will be engaged in, and work with the current Lead Pastor.  The view in mind is to maintaining the strength of the congregation through to a successful transitioning of the candidate to the Lead Pastor’s role in the near future (TBA by church leadership).

This individual will be fundamentally Pentecostal in their theology and embody the fruit of the Spirit in their practical approach to live and ministry. The general minstry responsibilities the candidate needs to feel comfortable with and demonstrate a degree of compitency in  include, but are not restricted to the following:

  • Approachable, relational, and friendly
  • Honest, trustworthy, and a person of integrity
  • Humble
  • Accountable and authentic

In addition to the above character qualities, the candidate will possess the following competencies to serve the congregation and support staff, as well as the wider community.

Ministry Competencies

The candidate will be:

  1.  A preacher and teacher who understands and communicates the Word of God with passion, in a relatable and relevant manner to inspire and challenge the congregation.
  2. One who exemplifies pastoral giftedness; a shepherd who models servant leadership and is encouraging, caring and gracious.
  3. An energetic, teachable, and confident leader with high potential.
  4. One who builds a multicultural and multigenerational community within our church, with an emphasis on next generations.
  5. A community minded leader committed to outreach and evangelism locally and globally.
  6. A champion of intentional discipleship.
  7. A person with a strong penchant toward prayer. 

Leadership Competencies

The candidate will be committed to:

  1. The development and training of a strong ministry team.
  2. Mentoring and empowering staff.
  3. Providing administration and leadership including empowered delegation with clear expectations and boundaries, financial stewardship, problem-solving, conflict resolution, and meeting facilitation.
  4. Make the "Great Commission" a practical mission within the congregation.

Relational Competencies

The candidate will:

  1. Embrace and cultivate our local "in house" culture.
  2. Be an effective communicator.
  3. Possess strong interpersonal skills.
  4. Be committed to teamwork.
  5. Be astute in time management.
  6. Be a life-long learner committed to personal and professional development.
Posted: January 31, 2023 | Expires: May 1, 2023
Posted Under: Pastoral
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