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Resident Directors

Resident Directors

Company: Project Emmanuel
Contact Person: Jennifer
1949 Lincoln Green Way
Mississauga, Ontario , L5K 1C5
Phone: 6478242377

Position Description

Unique aspects of this job opportunity

  • in lieu of a monetary income, you will receive free room and board in Mississauga Ontario during your time of employment
  • you are free to have weekends off
  • you will also have enough time to have outside paid employment elsewhere…giving you a great opportunity to save money if you so desire
  • have huge ministry opportunities and spiritual influence to help young adults that are having to escape from a crisis situation in Hong Kong and Ukraine that are highly likely to not know Jesus

Who would be a good fit for this position?

  • Young Christian married couple without children
  • Loves and serves Jesus and makes decisions that honour Jesus - actively growing in their faith
  • Desires to love and serve others
  • Be comfortable living in community as you will be living in a home with the students
  • Responsible and organized
  • Great people skills
  • Love people

The Residence Directors (RDs) are responsible for the direction and management of all aspects of Residence life. RDs will supervise the lifestyle and activities of all students living in the Residence, providing leadership and oversight of the House Rules and the general quality of life in the Residence House.

Posted: February 1, 2023 | Expires: May 2, 2023
Posted Under: International/Missions
Career ID: [ 11983 ]