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Elementary Teacher (Art, Physical Education, swimming)

Elementary Teacher (Art, Physical Education, swimming)

Company: Heritage International School
P.O.Box 7899,
Kampala Uganda, Outside Canada/International

Position Description

Level: Professional                                       

Load:  Full-time

Responsible to: Elementary Principal

Service Period: 11 Months starting next School year (August 2023)

Personal Qualities

Modelling and Leadership

  • Model a personal commitment to Christ and Bible-based Christian living
  • Maintain personal devotional and prayer life
  • Member of a Christian Church, either locally or abroad
  • Seek to inspire others to Christian commitment, faith, and living
  • Contribute toward and maintains a positive Christian spiritual environment
  • Exhibit characteristics of being a life-long learner
  • Maintain a positive academic environment focused on growth and excellence
  • Consistently maintain ethical and moral personal and professional standards
  • Consistently demonstrate a knowledge, and a love for a positive learning environment  
  • Consistently use strategies that empower and motivate the students at school
  • Effective time management skills
  • Excellent oral and written communication
  • Personable with a sense of adventure
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Must be flexible and have the ability to respond to changing or unforeseen circumstances
  • Diligent, conscientious and proactive
  • Resilient and committed

Professional Responsibilities

General Duties

  1. As a Classroom Teacher, to:
  • Actively promote equality of opportunity within an inclusive and diverse classroom 
  • Maintain an attractive, dynamic and emotionally safe learning environment 
  • Work to inspire in all children a desire for success and a passion for learning 
  • Deliver learning to meet the needs of all groups of learners including those with additional needs
  • Manage behaviour with consistency and fairness in line with our school Behaviour Policy, to ensure a safe, ordered atmosphere for all 
  • Effect regular and efficient formative assessment to inform planning and learning; using data to identify gaps in learning, to inform teaching and, therefore, to maximise students’’ progress 
  • Be a proactive member of the departmental team, taking the lead in curriculum or pastoral strengths to inform and monitor curriculum content, standards and resources 
  • Show a willingness to be involved in the extra-curricular life of the school 
  • Foster and maintain an efficient and productive relationship between home and school.
  • Undertake any tasks as reasonably required by the Elementary Principal.

Teaching and Learning 

  • Demonstrate consistently outstanding teaching skills, managing students and maintaining high standards of behaviour and creating a calm, purposeful learning environment 
  • Take initiative in becoming familiar with all aspects of the curriculum in Elementary that differ from previous experience or training
  • Take responsibility for all administrative tasks associated with the role of Elementary teacher 
  • Work with Elementary team in the development and delivery of a creative and stimulating curriculum 
  • Work with the Elementary team in the development and maintenance of a stimulating teaching environment that ensures optimum use of time, space and facilities 
  • Work with the Elementary team to ensure that the requirements of the curriculum are met, including arrangements for assessment and moderation 
  • Be an active member of Elementary team meetings and taking a role in developing and implementing policies, initiatives, discussing samples of work, assessment and record keeping, moderation, etc. 


  • Develop and maintain positive professional relationships with colleagues, parents, leaders, the local community and where appropriate the Board of Directors
  • Attend and contribute to appropriate divisional meetings
  • Ensure parents are well informed about the Elementary curriculum, attainment and progress and are fully engaged as partners in their child’s learning.

Professional Development

  • Annually submit in writing his/her professional goals to the Principal
  • Participate with faculty and administration in all-staff meetings, Committee meetings, parent-teacher meetings, professional development and in-service activities
  • Remain abreast of current developments in technology, learning and theory through active collaboration with other professionals, attending appropriate workshops and conferences, and through reading of professional journals, especially relating to your teaching grade level 

Professional Qualifications

  • Possess a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree; preference given to those with teaching certificates and ACSI certification
  • Experience in an International School, or international training at the minimum
  • Exhibit a continuing sense of God’s calling to minister at Heritage International  School
  • Show evidence of recent professional growth
  • Demonstrates a respect for diversity of culture, religion, and different Christian traditions
  • Show evidence of recent professional growth
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of child development, program evaluation, and research related to Elementary learning
  • Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively in English, both orally and in writing
  • Demonstrate the ability to use technology for online teaching and Gsuite 
  • Previous travel and related experience preferred.
Posted: February 3, 2023 | Expires: August 3, 2023
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