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Director of Operations

Director of Operations

Company: Nipawin Bible College
Contact Person: Jason Elford
Box 1986
Nipawin, Saskatchewan , S0E 1E0
Phone: 7-888-862-5095

Position Description

The Director of Operations is a full-time position appointed by and responsible to the President. This role could also be available as a part-time (.5 or .6) as a specific Director of Facilities Role. Otherwise, we would like to explore a full-time role that would combine Facilities management with other Operations oriented responsibilities or (possible, but less desirable) Finances to make a full-time role.

Role Purposes

  • To direct all aspects of the operation and development of all campus facilities and grounds, and to place and manage the personnel in that department.
  • To engage in activities and conversations that will establish and maintain God-honouring working relationships with students, businesses, customers, constituents and co-workers.
  • To continue in professional development that ensures NBC facility affairs (and potentially financial affairs) are conducted in accordance with governmental guidelines and any associations of which NBC is a member.
  • To ensure excellence in all areas of leadership and administration, characterized by promptness, accuracy, servanthood, sensitivity, and a commitment to the pursuit of best ways of conducting the affairs of the business office of NBC.
  • To practice ongoing self-evaluation and discussion of the agreed upon ends as it relates to the physical plant aspects of the institution.

Role Details

  • Supervise all aspects of the operation and development of all campus facilities and grounds including oversight of the NBC Maintenance Manager. Beyond direction this may include semi-regular participation in tasks too big for the Maintenance Manager to complete alone (ie. snow removal on certain days).
  • Establishing priorities for the Maintenance Director, assessing risk, developing contingency plans, and ensuring a clean and attractive campus.
  • Oversee the operation of the NBC Bookstore, and the hiring of any part-time kitchen staff.
  • Oversee planning and operations of new building projects, or additions.
  • Manage bookings and rentals of all school equipment and facilities.
  • Arrange for regular certification of all fire protection equipment and arrange fire drills as required for general safety, liability and insurance purposes.
  • Other responsibilities as assigned by the President.


  • To oversee exploration and steps taken to utilize NBC’s property and facilities for broader use throughout summer months and long-term growth in passive or rental income.
  • Potential involvement with fundraising or donor/constituency relations, dependant on skillset.
  • To oversee regular Operations department meetings over a year.
  • To exercise primary leadership in areas of financial planning and assessment, ensuring the
  • careful stewardship of all resources received by the institution and to conduct the administration of all financial matters with utmost courtesy, promptness, diligence, accuracy, and integrity.
  • Act as the chief purchasing agent, and conduct negotiations on major purchases as directed by the president.


  • Conduct all the financial accounting and affairs of the institution, which includes collections, disbursements, financial pledges, receipting, payroll, student accounts, insurance, rental housing, etc.
  • Monitor and be aware of department spending and other financial developments on a monthly basis in accordance with budget allotments, and report analysis, significant trends or developments to the President.
  • Submit the following financial reports:
    • monthly President’s reports (Donations -- 5th, Income/Expense – 20th)
    • year-end report and audit.
    • annual budget preparation (2 drafts and final revision prior to Fall Board Meeting).
    • a properly audited and certified Financial Report annually to the Board and to publish a condensed report in the Rivers.

Key Skills for Maximum Effectiveness

  • Leadership, organizational ability, attention to detail
  • Facilities and Financial management or work experience
  • Problem solving skills and “Big Picture” planning ability
  • Communication skills that are clear and effective
  • High capacity to use time efficiently
  • Ability to function effectively in teams, anticipate needs, obstacles and opportunities
  • Ability to adapt to various roles and demands — flexibility — along with the ability to transition from one role to another on a frequent basis

Essential Attitudes and Characteristics

  • Initiative and willingness to assume responsibility
  • Creative and resourceful
  • Gracious interpersonal relationships, and a willingness to serve and go the extra mile
  • Recognize the broader needs and goals of the institution and other personnel, with a strong loyalty to the success of all persons and aspects of the institution
  • Strong commitment to the personal and spiritual growth of the students
  • Honest and forthright in dealing with issues or problems
  • Stability and vitality in your own personal spiritual disciplines

Salary and Benefits

Salary will be somewhat negotiable depending on experience and training, but likely between $43,000 and $48,500 for a full-time 12 month role. Full-time NBC staff also receive a monthly benefits package.

Posted: March 15, 2023 | Expires: August 1, 2023
Posted Under: Administration
Career ID: [ 12389 ]