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Food Services Manager

Food Services Manager

Company: Nipawin Bible College
Contact Person: Jason Elford
Box 1986
Nipawin, Saskatchewan , S0E 1E0
Phone: 1-888-862-5095

Position Description

Role Purpose and Details

January 2023

The Food Services Manager position is critical to the reputation of NBC. The two primary concerns for this position are quality food service that is “enjoyable” (aesthetically pleasing and economical) and healthy relationships with students. This role is responsible to the Finance Manager (with budget) and Facilities Manager (with facilities) for overall job performance, though performance and development reviews may also be conducted by the President, given the small size of our organization.

This is a salaried full time position for 8 months.

Role Purposes

  • To provide a food services environment that is safe, clean, healthy, and highly satisfactory.
  • To ensure that all working relationships are constructive and productive, including with co-workers, supervisors, distributors, and student workers.
  • To exercise good stewardship of resources in all areas related to the Food Services Department, without sacrificing on the above-mentioned primary concerns.
  • To conduct public and in-house events in an attractive and professional manner.
  • To engage in ongoing evaluation and willing discussion of role purposes as towards ensuring they meet the Food Services needs of the institution.

II. Role Function

The Food Services department relates to a number of other departments and personnel on a regular basis.

The following outlines some of those relationships and the nature of their involvement:

  • Student Services – the Student Life department takes an active role in assessing student satisfaction in all areas of NBC community life.
  • Event Coordinator – this individual works with each NBC staff who plan events over the year including public and/or in-house events. This includes input into the menu, appearance, schedules and locations of food services related to those events.
  • Finance & Facilities Managers – they oversee the financial aspects of food services, and logistical things like equipment repair or other kitchen needs.
  • Student Work/Deacon’s Track Supervisor – a key area of the Food Services Manager role is working with students in the context of mandatory student work. This involvement needs to be constructive and
  • productive. The Food Services Manager may also be asked to oversee a Deacon’s Track student for certain academic years.
  • Sports Director/Coaches – teams traveling or hosting sports events typically requires some special arrangements with the food services department.

Role Responsibility Details

  • Primary responsibilities include: cooking, menu planning, food purchasing and preparation, and supervision of other Food Services personnel.
  • The Food Services Manager should expect to work 4-5 days/week as well as one event weekend per month. They will also meet weekly with other food services personnel.

IV. Key Skills for Maximum Effectiveness

A. Organizational ability and attention to detail
B. Problem solving skills
C. Ability to function effectively in teams
D. Ability to adapt to various roles and demands - flexibility - along with the transition from one role
to another on a frequent basis
E. Ability to lead assistant cooks, student workers and Deacon’s Track students.
V. Essential Attitudes and Characteristics
A. Cheerful and friendly attitude
B. Initiative and willingness to assume responsibility
C. Adaptable and able to function effectively in teams
D. Gracious interpersonal relationships, and a willingness to serve
E. Commitment to the personal and spiritual growth of the students

VI. Qualifications

The Food Services Manager must evidence…
A. Personal commitment to Christ as Lord in all aspects of their life
B. A strong belief in the value of Bible College
C. Agreement with the Doctrinal position of the college and its Community Living Guidelines
D. Cooking skills

Posted: March 15, 2023 | Expires: August 1, 2023
Posted Under: Administration
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