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Lead Pastor

Lead Pastor

Company: Redeemed Community Church
1 Botham Road
North York, Ontario

Position Description

Term: Full Time
Job Location:
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Community Overview 

Redeemed Community Church is a relatively new church community, meeting in one of the more dynamic and evolving neighborhoods of Toronto. The Yonge and Sheppard (and surrounding) area in North York, Ontario has seen many changes over the past few decades which has transformed the area into a bustling hub of activity and people. New condo constructions and subway lines have brought an influx of young professionals, ethnic minority groups (primarily of Asian descent) into the community looking for an urban environment without the drawbacks of being in downtown. Mixing in with the younger demographic is a significant presence of middle to upper-income families who often live in the many single-family homes throughout the area. While the area is fascinating, both the unique demographic blend, and the presence of rapid change also present intriguing ministry challenges when it comes to building church community, which faithfully express the gospel. 

Church Overview

As a recent church plant, we feel deeply called to exist as a faith community of God’s people within the North York neighborhood. There is a deep shared history among the members of our congregation. The community has previously existed as a satellite campus of Westside Community Church (WCC) for 13 years and has been transitioning into a stand-alone church starting in September of 2016. The decision to officially become a stand-alone church was motivated by the recognition that the communities of the two different campuses of WCC were different from one another, and could be more properly reached with unique visions that were contextualized for the two communities.  

Currently the average attendance is 30-35 people for Sunday Worship. The congregation consists of young families with either newborns, toddlers, kids, married couples, and singles. Ethnically, most of the congregation can be identified as second-generation Korean, Chinese or Indonesian-Chinese. 

The format of our worship gathering is casual and follows the structure of most evangelical worship services. In addition to Sunday worship gatherings, we have mid-week small groups, which gather in the homes of congregation members, Bible studies, prayer meetings and outreach activities coordinated through one of our partner churches.      

Church Vision

To be a Christ-Centred Community that makes disciples of Jesus for the glory of God and the delight of his people

Church Values

As a church we are committed to passionately pursuing a deep, nurturing relationship with Jesus Christ, and to partner with Him in His mission for North York. In developing a community that can passionately strive towards this goal, we pursue the following values:

  • Community: We believe that the relationships within the church are vital to the health and mission of the church. We strive to be a church that forms deep bonds with one another to encourage, share God’s grace, and keep accountable in our Christian faith. The community of God is meant to be diverse with believers of all age groups and nationalities.  
  • Rooted in God’s Word: We believe the Bible is the Word of God, and we value it as the centerpiece for forming and guiding every detail in the life of our church. We strive to build our ministries and know God more through his Word.
  • Discipleship: We believe that growth and transformation occurs within discipleship relationships. Discipleship is not only an opportunity for deeper learning but a safe environment to be vulnerability in one’s life and faith. We strive to pursue the formation of discipleship relationships across the church.
  • Gospel in Life: We believe that the church is called to be a light to the world wherever we are (work, school, hanging out with friends). This means understanding the context we are in, and discovering how the gospel is to be expressed into it. We strive to ensure that our ministries are capable of speaking into this challenge with God’s wisdom and help provide practical tools and guidance that are relevant for each member of the church.
  • Partnership with Other Churches: We believe that it is important to work together with other churches in our city. Each church possesses unique gifts, and perspectives that can come together in impactful ways through joint projects, as well as to support the ministries of each church. We strive to build lasting friendships with other Christ centered churches in our city and glorify God together.

Roles & Responsibilities

As we head into this new chapter of our community bringing on a salaried Pastor to join our community and our leadership will be vital for the growth of the church. The key roles of the Pastor will be the following: 

1. Overseeing preaching & teaching duties including: 

  • The preparation of sermon series and preaching calendar including coordination of preaching responsibilities.
  • Preaching up to 30-35 times per year.
  • Responsible for leading membership  classes and bible studies

2. Provide pastoral guidance/mentorship support including:

  • Mentorship and guidance to lay leaders. 
  • Pastoral counseling or discipleship to members of the congregation. 
  • Approximately a full day per week should be dedicated towards this responsibility, though the precise amount of time will vary week to week. 

3. Provide oversight for the various church ministries including: 

  • Ensuring that key aspects of the ministry are taken care of in accordance with the mission and values of the church.
  • Supporting & engaging lay leadership.  Making sure that they are equipped and knowledgeable about the ministries or tasks they are leading or involved with.
  • Work with elders & deacons in the development and maintenance of the overall ministry model of the church.


  • Spiritually & Emotionally mature
  • Clear sense of calling by God to be a servant in His Church
  • Committed to the Mission and Vision of Redeemed Community Church
  • Aligned to the theological beliefs & values of Redeemed Community Church 
  • Passionate about the mission of the church and seeing the church thrive in being a transformational presence in the community
  • Healthy rhythm and practice of self-care (spiritually, physically, emotionally, mentally)
  • Lead by the Holy Spirit and rooted in the Word of God
  • 5+ years’ experience in leading at a local church/ministry level and overseeing a diverse congregation (including singles to young families)
  • Bible College/Seminary degree
  • Experience preaching/teaching in adult contexts
  • You need to be legally eligible to work at the location(s) specified above and, where applicable, must have a valid work or study permit
  • Demonstrates the Biblical qualifications for pastors/elders (1 Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:6-9; 1 Peter 5:1-4)

Strengths/Qualities that would be great asset in this role:

  • Commitment to self-study and continuous learning
  • Handles God’s word with care and precision allowing it to speak for itself 
  • Able to understand culture and know how to interpret God’s Word and bringing the two together in each sermon
  • Excels at building discipling/mentoring relationships 
  • Relationally adept, enjoys being with people of diverse backgrounds
  • Able to lead collaboratively as part of a team
  • Engage and develop people, toward the achievement of Church vision & delivery of ministries
  • Strong time management skills
  • Able to track and manage tasks which are either led by themselves or others. 
  • Demonstrated experience with building formal and informal relationship networks inside and outside the church.

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Posted: April 12, 2023 | Expires: August 31, 2023
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