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Senior Pastor

Senior Pastor

Company: Grace Fellowship Church Don Mills
4 Credit Union Drive
Toronto, Ontario

Position Description


The Senior Pastor is one of the elders of Grace Fellowship Church Don Mills, serving as the first among equals. His primary responsibility is to shepherd the flock, providing leadership and guidance to the members of the congregation. Leading in prayer, teaching and preaching the Word of God, and cultivating the growth and development of church leaders should be his top priorities. 


  • He must be a believer who openly gives testimony to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as his Saviour and Lord.
  • He must be biblically qualified and maintain a pure life as outlined in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1.
  • He must be fully committed to Grace Fellowship Church Don Mills’ Statement of Faith and Membership Covenant. 
  • He should have appropriate formal training, and while a Masters of Divinity is preferred, a combination of relevant experience and education will be considered.
  • He must be gifted in preaching the Word and in leadership. 
  • He must believe in and be committed to the biblical principle of a plurality of leadership. 

Primary Responsibilities 

The primary areas of oversight include:

Prayer, Teaching and Preaching of the Word.

  • Preach sermons that focus on the Lord Jesus Christ and proclaim the Scriptures with prayerful consideration.
  • Oversee the Sunday worship services. 
  • Administer the ordinances of communion and baptism. 
  • Provide overall leadership to discipleship programs. 

Overall Leadership of the Church. 

  • Lead and oversee the development of the church's short-term and long-term vision.
  • Lead the church staff.
  • Plan and coordinate elders meetings and members meetings. 
  • Collaborate with staff and volunteers to provide direction and clarity for ministries and job roles.
  • Lead in the promotion of Grace Fellowship Church Don Mills and the proclamation of the gospel in the community. 
  • Collaborate with church staff and elders to continually develop and implement new and existing programs and ministries.

Administration of the Church

  • Correspond with the church membership and other relevant parties as necessary.
  • Oversee the pastoral care needs of the congregation and delegate responsibilities to church staff and elders as needed.
  • Oversee development of and adherence to church policies and procedures. 

Staff Supervision and Leadership Development

  • Oversee staff training and development.
  • Provide leadership to the church staff in designing and implementing all church ministries.
  • As the first among equals: Leads from among the plurality of elders and provides leadership and organization to the board of elders, facilitating the stewardship of each member's unique gifts and abilities.
  • Ensure effective communication channels are in place between the church staff and elders for efficient coordination and decision-making.
  • Invest in the development of leadership skills by engaging in relevant reading, attending conferences, and participating in other appropriate development opportunities.

Membership Care

  • Practice hospitality. 
  • Officiate funerals.
  • Conduct premarital counselling sessions and perform wedding ceremonies as necessary.
  • Oversee the development and implementation of membership classes.
  • Counsel in times of crisis.
  • Visit the sick and shut-ins. 

Working Relationships

  • De facto staff manager in the day to day operations of the church.
  • Be accountable to the board of elders. 


  • Full time, salaried; salary to be negotiated with the elders.
  • Four weeks of paid vacation per year, which equals to 20 business days. 
  • Five paid personal days per year.
  • Sabbatical, regularly, in accordance with Grace Fellowship Church Don Mills’ Sabbatical Policy.
  • Benefits package which also includes employer RRSP contributions and an additional RRSP matching program.

If you are interested in applying for this position, please send your resume and cover letter to We look forward to hearing from you.


The Elders of Grace Fellowship Church Don Mills.

Posted: April 24, 2023 | Expires: July 23, 2023
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