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Director, Centre of Academic Excellence

Director, Centre of Academic Excellence

Company: Tyndale University
Contact Person: Vivian Labib
3377 Bayview Avenue
North York , Ontario , L3T 5V8

Position Description

Position Purpose

The Director, Centre for Academic Excellence will give oversight to and manage the coordination of services provided by the Centre for Academic Excellence at Tyndale University. The Accessibility Specialist, Learning Specialist, Academic Advisor & Career Specialist, and Educational Assistant will report to this individual. The Director will facilitate the smooth transition of students through the different phases of the student experience by closely interfacing with faculty and implementing programs and services that contribute to student success in reaching graduation as well as aid in student retention.

Primary Responsibilities


  • Provide leadership and strategic direction for Tyndale’s Centre for Academic Excellence programs, processes and services by establishing and implement short-term and long-term departmental goals.
  • Recruit, develop, motivate, lead, and mentor full-time and part-time staff.
  • Assign staff to institutional committees as necessary
  • Create and sustain an environment of excellence and professionalism in customer service and teamwork.
  • Establish budget and monitor and review monetary reports related to the Centre. Liase with Tyndale staff, faculty, and senior management to effectively address and plan for meeting students’ learning needs.
  • Develop initiatives, policies and procedures and consolidate processes and practices in the Centre, ensuring they comply with policies outlined in the Academic Calendar and align with institutional strategic priorities.
  • Correspond with external consultants, legal counsel, and other professionals on matters related to student needs.
  • Network with key academic officers and organizations outside the institution to foster collaborative opportunities and strategic partnerships.
  • Connect with key personnel across the Tyndale community to reinforce that academic support is an institution-wide responsibility.


  • Participate in academic probation and suspension reviews at the end of the fall and winter semesters
  • Oversee student academic appeals and referrals to the Academic Standards Committee and other institutional bodies.
  • Oversee past-term extension process for University and Seminary students in conjunction with the Office of the Registrar.
  • Oversee readmission process for students returning from suspension in the last three years
  • Coordinate services and referrals among the offices within the Centre and follow-up on progress as needed
  • Communicate with faculty on academic concerns
  • Assign staff to participate in campus events and orientation activities and participate when required
  • Provide academic counselling to students identified as at-risk or through referral
  • Respond to heightened student concerns and coordinate support efforts as needed
  • Uphold and enforce academic policies of the institution
  • Contribute to retention initiatives identified by the University and Seminary administration
  • Develop holistic programming for students in coordination with the Student Life Department and the Tyndale Wellness Centre

Institutional Committee Work

  • Student Accessibility Advisory Committee (Chair)
  • Academic Standards Committee (Member)
  • Academic Probation Committee (Member)
  • Undergraduate Admissions Committee (Member)
  • Enrolment Committee (Member)

Position Qualifications


  • Undergraduate degree English, Psychology, Communications or related field
  • Master’s degree in Higher Education, English, Psychology or Counselling preferred Physical and/or mental health first aid certification, preferred


  • Minimum of 5 years in postsecondary academic support and administration
  • Knowledge of Tyndale academic programs, preferred
  • Counselling experience, preferred
  • Proficiency in MS Office

Skills and Abilities

  • Understanding of factors that drive student success and motivation
  • Understanding that all students must be treated equitably
  • Ability to problem-solve in a fast-paced environment
  • Excellent organizational, time management, and priority management skills
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skill, both oral and written
  • Excellent customer services skills
  • Ability to multi-task and respond to a high volume of requests
  • Ability to respond appropriately in high-stress situations
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality and act with diplomacy, tact and professionalism

Personal Characteristics

  • Commitment to the academic advancement of students
  • Compassionate outlook and dedication to the growth of students’ academic ability
  • Collaborative approach to working environment
  • Keen desire to serve family, church, work and community. A firm commitment to Tyndale’s mission, values, Statement of Faith and Community Standards Statement

Physical and Mental Demands

  • General office environment and equipment; May be noisy at times
  • Moderate – high level of stress. May result from students responding to poor academic performance, recommended or mandatory referrals from faculty or Centre for Academic Excellence staff, dissatisfaction with a professor, or in response to a personal crisis. Respond to inquiries with a high degree of patience and diplomacy.


Salary Range: $65,000
Posted: May 27, 2024 | Expires: August 25, 2024
Posted Under: Education
Career ID: [ 15379 ]