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Summer Staff For Adventure Based Christian Camp

Summer Staff For Adventure Based Christian Camp

Company: Blue Bronna Wilderness Camp
Contact Person: Brent Ankorm
PO Box 65
Longview, Alberta , T0L1H0
Phone: 403-601-9350

Position Description

Summer Camp Staff:

  • May 1 - Wrangler, Cook, Maintenance, Program Director, Youth Training Team Leader
  • May 17 or later : Wrangler, Cook, Program Staff, Counselors. 


  1. Love God and have a desire to serve him and grow in your faith. 
  2. Be responsible for your main job but also be involved in other areas of the camp when needed. 
  3. Alternate between the two camps when needed. 
  4. Not scared of hard work, long days, the dark, the cold, sleeping in tents or outside under the stars, food cooked over a fire, coyotes howling, or bugs.
  5. Must like beautiful sunrises and sunsets, crisp mornings, starry nights, vast expanses, horses, and kids.

International staff are welcome to apply as the process is relatively easy. 

To apply go to


We are committed to helping you leave camp at the end of summer, with enough money to help you in a significant way with your schooling.

  1. All paid positions at both camps receive a guaranteed $800 per month, room and board.
  2. Staff have the opportunity to raise an additional $1,800 per month through friends, family and church. We provide you with a letter that you hand out and they mail the funds to the ranch. You receive what comes in for you up to the $1,800 per month .
  3. We as a camp raise money to increase the funds paid to staff. How much we increase the staff pay is dependent on how much we can raise.

Two month and four month salary has the same pay rate and opportunities.

You receive an Honorarium so no taxes nor UIC or CPP is taken off.                               

The last number of summers, some Canadian staff  who were in school the previous year and returned to full time studies in the fall – received a government grant that paid $1,600 per month. The grant is not guaranteed every year. This year the grant is available to all Canadian citizens who are between the ages of 18-30 regardless of whether they are going back to school or not.

Those who are returning staff will be higher on the list to receive the grant if we get it.

Posted: December 4, 2018 | Renewed: December 11, 2020 | Expires: May 15, 2021
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