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Worship & Youth Director

Worship & Youth Director

Company: Redeemer Alliance Church
Contact Person: Pastor Greg Baker
4825 Innes Road
Ottawa, Ontario , K4A 4J3
Phone: 613 837 9953

Position Description

Redeemer Alliance Church (RAC) is searching for a full time Worship and Youth Director to lead the Worship and Youth ministries.

We are searching for a person who agrees with our Vision, Mission and Values here at RAC (see our website: and is able to lead our Worship and Youth Ministries into further growth and development.

As a church we are actively seeking to further the Kingdom of God in our community, Orleans, which is a suburb of the city of Ottawa.  We believe that God is at work in us right now to help bring about revival in our surrounding community and that we are on the cusp of experiencing a powerful movement of God’s Spirit!

We are continually seeking to engage in our community in a variety of ways through our ministries at Redeemer and various outreach initiatives so that we can bless our community and increase our opportunities to share the love of Jesus with them. 

The candidate we are looking for is someone who is passionate about living for Christ as they lead the Worship and Youth Ministries.  Specifically, in regard to leading the Worship Ministry, we are seeking a candidate who is musically talented who will regularly lead worship during our Sunday Morning Service times.  Furthermore, proficiency with various technology and software for worship is an asset.  Finally, the candidate should be a person who loves people, is prayerful for the furtherance of God’s Kingdom, is approachable and compassionate, as well as being professional.

The candidate will work as a member of a pastoral team, consisting of the Lead Pastor, Children’s Director, and Office Administrator.

Please contact me by email if you are interested in this position.

Rev. Greg Baker

Lead Pastor


Areas of Responsibility

To work closely with the Lead Pastor, assisting in ministry to the church congregation, especially as it concerns the facilitation and leadership of the Worship and Youth ministries which are to be in alignment with the Vision, Mission & Values (VMV) of Redeemer Alliance Church (RAC).
Other ministry areas and responsibilities as agreed to in consultation with the Lead Pastor that takes into consideration the strengths, gifting, capacities and needs of the congregation.

Position reports to the lead pastor: Rev. Greg Baker.

Essential Job Functions & Percentage Breakdown

Youth Ministry (Approximately 45% of Weekly Hours):

  • To coordinate and facilitate the Youth Ministry of RAC within the context and vision of the overall mission of RAC.
  • To have active involvement with the youth and the youth programs.
  • To run a designated Youth Night at least once per week.
  • To provide leadership/care for youth and their parents in cooperation with the Lead Pastor.
  • To recruit, train and support a core of volunteers who assist with the Youth Ministry.
  • Ensure that the youth are afforded appropriate opportunities for both Christian service and discipleship to see them become fully devoted followers of Jesus.
  • Consistently update the congregation so that they see value in a sustainable youth ministry by continually raising awareness, communicating needs, raising prayer support, etc., amongst the larger group.
  • To oversee our Plan to Protect guidelines with the Children’s Director, including Police Checks and training for volunteers.
  • Oversee the production of annual reports for the Youth Ministry.
  • Oversee assigned budgets.  Prepare and maintain an ongoing 5-year equipment purchase, upgrade, and maintenance financial plan.

Overseeing the Worship Ministry (Approximately 45% of Weekly Hours): 

  • Provide leadership to the Worship Teams and Tech Crew.  This means these groups are accountable to the Worship Director.
  • Develop a weekly worship experience for our Sunday Morning Worship Service and Youth night.  It is preferred that worship for Youth nights is done by mostly youth, if not completely by youth.
  • Lead worship on Sunday mornings at least once per team rotation.  Depending on the number of teams, this typically ranges between once every 2 or 3 weeks.
  • Give general oversight to all music and sound and video activities.
  • Work with the Lead Pastor, Worship Team Leaders, and other Ministry Leaders.
  • Oversee organization of Worship Teams for the Sunday Morning Worship Service.
  • Keep the list of songs in Planning Center organized and up to date.
  • Oversee the production of annual reports for the Worship Ministry.
  • Oversee assigned budgets.  Prepare and maintain an ongoing 5-year equipment purchase, upgrade, and maintenance financial plan.
  • Be present on a Sunday morning for the Sunday Morning Worship Service, even if not leading worship that Sunday.
  • Oversee the Worship Team as they prepare for the Sunday Morning Worship Service.
  • Organizing & coordinating volunteers and the Lead Pastor for the purposes of the   Sunday Morning Worship Service. 
  • Coordinate the resolution of any tech problems that may arise before or during the Sunday Morning Worship Service.
  • Facilitate the weekly worship practice and, if required, video recording sessions and assist as required. 
  • Enable & facilitate present & future Worship Team and Tech Team Leaders & Volunteers. 
  • Plan the Order of Service & prepare the logistics for every Sunday Morning Worship Service (This will involve coordinating with the Staff Team, volunteers, video editors, Worship Teams, etc.)
  • Teach, train, and develop youth musicians and vocalists both musically and spiritually in preparation for serving in worship.
  • Teach, train, and develop adult musicians and vocalists both musically and spiritually to further grow their abilities in serving in worship.
  • Be knowledgeable, proficient, and keep up to date with ongoing advancements in technology and software that may assist the Worship Ministry.

Other Duties (Approximately 10% of Weekly Hours):

  • Attend Board of Elders meetings at the Lead Pastor’s request.
  • Attend conferences, conventions and seek educational opportunities where feasible.
  • Participate in an annual performance evaluation.
  • Participate in regular staff meetings.
  • Engage in Personal Development activities (school, conferences, etc.) that grow one’s character in Christ and one’s overall leadership ability.

General Qualifications Required

  • Has a passion for Worship & Youth Ministry
  • Is aware of current effective strategies to reach youth for Christ
  • The ability to teach youth in a way that resonates with them
  • The ability to effectively connect with youth
  • Working knowledge of modern worship music and practices
  • Skilled in singing and playing a leading instrument such as guitar or piano.  The ability to play
  • additional instruments such as drums would be a plus.
  • Strong interpersonal and conflict resolution skills
  • Administrative & Organizational skills
  • Experience working in a team environment
  • Can lead well a group of volunteers and is able to delegate

Character Qualifications

  • Loves God and exhibits the fruit of the Holy Spirit in their life
  • Loves people (especially teens!) and is able to connect well with people of all ages and backgrounds.
  • Agrees with RAC’s Statement of Faith
  • Agrees with The Alliance in Canada’s (TAC) Call to Excellence and Code of Ethics for Official Workers of tthe TAC in Canada (Manual of The TAC in Canada 2019)
  • Agrees with the Vision, Mission & Values (“Who We Are”) of RAC.
  • Is focused on furthering the Kingdom of God
  • Willing to become a member of RAC, if not already
  • Is personable, being able to connect well with people of all ages and backgrounds.
  • Works well with a staff team
  • Has a positive attitude and is professional
  • Is humble and approachable
  • Is compassionate, with a Christ-like heart
  • Is emotionally and spiritually mature
  • Is open to embrace and lead change
  • Able to set and follow through on goals
  • Is readily accountable for one’s actions
  • Is creative
  • Is able to administrate and delegate when required
  • French speaking is an asset

Hours of Employment: 

This position is for approximately 40 hours per week including Sunday morning participation. 

Required Education and Experience

  • Licensed (or eligible to be licensed) by the Alliance in Canada.
  • Experience to some degree in either or both of Worship and Youth ministries.
  • Ability to teach and lead according to God’s Word.

With respect to the Worship Director position, we are searching for a candidate who has some degree of education and/or experience.  What is critical, however, is that they are aware of the present trend in both worship music and technology and are willing to embrace new and creative ways of creating a meaningful worship experience for the Sunday Morning Worship Service. 

Physical Demands and Work Environment

  • Generally there is no over exertion required. 
  • Leading the Youth Ministry may entail physical activity with the youth at outdoor functions or at other venues (such as at retreats, concerts, conferences, etc.)  Mission trips to foreign countries may also occur.
  • Leading the Worship Ministry may require on occasion the moving of instruments on and off the stage, such as the drums, keyboard, etc.

Salary and Benefits

To be determined as per offer letter and RAC policies and procedures.

The Worship and Youth Director is encouraged to participate in all denominational events such as Youth Worker retreats, District Prayer Retreat, District Conference, Regional Meetings, etc.  RAC will cover basic travel and accommodation expenses.

The Worship and Youth Director will be encouraged to engage in their own personal development by participating in conferences and/or theological studies pending approval of the associated costs by the Lead Pastor and the Board of Elders.


An annual evaluation will take place in March.  The evaluation will be performed by the Lead Pastor.

Ongoing and “time to time” evaluations may be initiated by either party to make mid course corrections, restructure, evaluate effectiveness, etc., with the aim to ensure that the employee is operating within their giftedness and calling towards accomplishing the priorities set out in this document in the most effective and God honouring fashion.

Commencement and Termination of Position

This position will commence as soon as possible according to the candidate’s time frame. It is an ongoing position with no current end-date.

The Worship and Youth Director position is a permanent full-time position, which may be terminated by either party subject to written notice two weeks prior to termination. This agreement shall expire two weeks subsequent to the receipt of written notice.

Posted: November 4, 2020 | Renewed: October 1, 2021 | Expires: December 15, 2021
Posted Under: Pastoral
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