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Director of Family and Children Ministries

Director of Family and Children Ministries

Company: North York (Chinese) Baptist Church
Contact Person: Denise Lau (Coordinator) / Hannah Lam (Secretary)
685 Sheppard Ave East, North York,
Toronto, Ontario , M2K 1B6

Position Description

Purpose of Position:

Understanding the importance of a godly family to the faith development of the children, our church opens this position to carry out the mission of establishing the family ministries which includes the children ministry in the church. While equipping the parents to cultivate a godly atmosphere in the family and to lead their children to grow in faith, the person of this role works closely with the Assistant Director of Family and Children Ministries to nurture the children in the church.

Position reports to: Senior Pastor

Major Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Develop a vision for the Family and Children Ministries. Oversee and provide pastoral direction and care for families and children.
  • Develop and implement a ministry plan to help the parents to grow in maturity as disciples of Jesus Christ. This includes an on-going biblical education and support for parents.
  • Build up a team for the ministry. Recruit and develop ministry members and maintain a regular training and support for them.
  •  Oversee the implementation of the plan that leads parents to understand their role and responsibilities in applying biblical teaching at home.
  • Maintain regular contact with the parents. Coach parents and children privately on specific issues in their family.
  • Supervise and work closely with the Assistant Director of Family and Children Ministries.
  • Guide and assist the Assistant Director of Family and Children Ministries in selecting or developing children biblical teaching curriculums for Sunday school and other church programs.
  • Encourage intergenerational gatherings to help people to recognize the church is a spiritual home for all families of all generations. Cultivate opportunities for all generations to worship, learn, and serve together.
  • Work with the Senior Pastor and pastors of all congregations. Ensure that the ministry plan supports the church direction and complements the activities of other ministries.
  • Collect and develop resources on families and children. Act as a resource on pertaining subjects.

Requirements and Qualifications:

  • Seminary degree required. On-going desire and willingness to continue in education/professional development is expected.
  • 3+ years' experience in a similar ministry-related role is preferred.
  • Ability to develop and cast vision. Ability to plan, organize, and oversee the church ministries.
  • Ability to recruit, train, support, evaluate, and affirm others to teach families and children.
  • Experience in the area of family and children ministry (2-5 years preferred).
  • Passion in cultivating Christian family values in the church and families. Ability to encourage parents to follow Christ as disciples and cultivate an environment for spiritual growth in their families and children.
  • Excellent people skills. Proven Team builder and player. Relational with different age groups of people to contribute to the unity of the church.
  • Fluency and proficiency in English. Knowledge of Chinese is an asset.
  • Able to submit to the spiritual authority of the Senior Pastor. Able to work as a team with other pastors. Ability to supervise and capable of administrating and following the church policies and procedures.
  • Recognizing that this role is integral to the Church’s overall faith and practice, the incumbent must agree to abide by the Church’s Bylaws and policies, including but not limited to the Ethical Conduct Policy and the Non-Harassment Policy, be subject to the Church’s authority in the same manner as all members of the Church, and is expected to attend the Church’s worship services and prayer meetings.

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北約華人浸信會 職位 :



本教會明白敬虔的家庭對兒童信仰發展的重要性,因此設立此職位,以在本教會推動建立家庭事工(包 括兒童事工)的使命,裝備家長在家庭中營造敬虔的氣氛,並引導他們的孩子在信仰上成長。此職位的 角色將與助理家庭及兒童事工主任密切合作,培育教會的孩子。



  • 為家庭及兒童事工制定異象、 監督並為家庭和兒童提供牧養指導和關懷。
  • 制定並執行事工計劃,以幫助父母成為成熟的耶穌基督門徒,這包括持續的聖經教育和對父母的 支援。
  • 建立事工團隊, 招募和發展事工成員,並定期提供培訓和支援。
  • 監督計劃的實施,使父母了解他們在家庭中實踐聖經教導的角色和責任。
  • 與父母保持定期聯繫,就家庭中的特定問題私下輔導父母和兒童。
  • 督導「家庭及兒童事工助理主任」並與之密切合作。
  • 指導和協助「助理家庭及兒童事工主任」選擇或發展兒童聖經教導主日學課程和其他教會活動。
  • 鼓勵跨代聚會,以幫助會友認識教會是所有家庭及不同年齡階層的屬靈家園;提供他們一同崇 拜、學習和事奉的機會。
  • 與主任牧師和各堂的牧者一起合作,確保事工計劃支持教會的方向並配合其他事工的活動。
  • 收集和開發有關家庭和兒童的資源,作為相關主題的資源。


  • 神學院畢業,並有持續在教育或專業發展上進修的意願。
  • 具有 3 年以上相關的工作經驗者優先。
  • 具發展和洞察異象的能力,具有計劃、組織和監督教會事工的能力。
  • 能夠招募、培訓、支援、評估和確認他人,去教導家庭和兒童。
  • 具有家庭及兒童事工事奉的經驗(2 至 5 年為佳)。
  • 具有在教會和家庭中培養基督徒家庭價值觀的熱忱。 能夠鼓勵父母跟隨基督作為門徒,並為他 們的家庭和孩子培養屬靈成長的環境。
  • 優秀的人際交往能力, 能建立團隊精神;能與不同年齡階層的人士溝通,保持教會的合一。
  • 流利英語,懂中文更佳。  能夠服從主任牧師的屬靈領導,能夠與其他牧者作團隊合作;有能力監督、 管理和遵守教會的 政策和程序。
  • 認識到此職位是教會整體信仰和實踐不可或缺的部分,因此任職者必須同意遵守本教會的會章和 政策,包括但不限於道德操守政策和非騷擾政策,與本教會所有會友一同順服教會權威,並參加 本教會的崇拜和祈禱會。


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