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Enterprise Director

Enterprise Director

Company: Camp Mini-Yo-We
Contact Person: Patrick Sutherland
1878 Muskoka Road 10 West
Port Sydney, Ontario , P0B 1L0

Position Description

The Enterprise Director is responsible for overseeing the entire Enterprise program, supervising and supporting a team of leaders and facilitating the care and supervision of Enterprise Campers through a rotating 2-week service-based program. She/he is a strong & mature leader, committed to the overall mission of Camp Mini-Yo-We. This role involves engagement with the Summer Program Team (“Directors”) and participation in the overall leadership of the Summer Team and all summer programs.

Commitment: 13 weeks


  • Compliant with Staff Standards
  • A desire to mentor and disciple young leaders
  • Strong interpersonal and leadership skills - able to manage a team
  • Possessing Godly character, discerning, able to deal with situations in a Godly way
  • Good listener, attentive to the needs of others, servant hearted
  • Calm under pressure and able to deal with any situation in a wise and selfless way
  • High level of maturity, responsibility, and accountability
  • Food Safety Handlers Certificate
  • Boaters License

Reports to: Director of Summer Programs, Summer Director Overseeing Enterprise

Direct Reports: Enterprise Team: Assistant Director, Program Director, Cabin Leaders

Key Contacts: Summer Program Team, Food Services Coordinator, Kitchen Volunteers, Operations Manager

Time Off

Maintain responsibility for scheduling personal daily time off, and creating a schedule for Enterprise Team daily time off.

Weekly day off (24 hours) will be scheduled in coordination with the Summer Program Team. Saturdays are spent either with the Enterprise program or in overall site supervision and preparation as a member of the Summer Program Team in between sessions.

Staff Supervision and Support

  • Function as a member of the Summer Program Team, participating in the leadership of Staff Training, attending daily Director’s Meetings, participating in overall Staff supervision and care, and participating in the leadership of Sunday Chapel, Midsummer Party, and various other staff events
  • Maintain primary responsibility for all Staff associated with the Enterprise program, ensuring that Staff are prepared, equipped, supported, supervised and held accountable to their roles and responsibilities
  • Facilitate daily team meetings - encouraging, supporting, and receiving information to detail in the Daily Director’s Journal
  • Hold weekly 1 on 1 meetings with Direct Reports to support, encourage, problem solve, and pray together
  • Serve as liaison between Enterprise Staff and Food Service Manager, Head Cooks, Operation Manager and volunteers

Program Management

  • Ensure Health and Safety Standards are met in each kitchen and worksite
  • Monitor Staff and Camper engagement and performance, ensuring all tasks are completed as expected
  • Facilitate daily Enterprise worship experience, lead daily Bible Study as provided by the Director of Discipleship
  • Provide guidance and care for Campers through personal challenges and interpersonal conflict
  • Lead Enterprise Staff in managing Camper behavioural concerns and resulting consequences, with the support of the Summer Program Director
  • Communicate with parents via phone and email as required

Opening Day

  • Maintain an active presence during the Check-In process. Serve as the first point of contact for families, welcoming to Camp, answering questions, and acting as liaison between families and the Summer Programs Director for meeting needs
  • Support the Assistant Director in administrative tasks as required
  • Ensure Enterprise Team is fully prepared and equipped to facilitate programming

Closing Day

  • Maintain an active presence during the Check-Out process. Serve as the welcoming face for parents and the last point of contact, sending Campers off with gratitude and encouragement.
  • Support the Assistant Director in administrative tasks as required
  • Ensure Enterprise Team has completed all program turnover responsibilities including a thorough cleaning of Cabins and the Dome, organization of all equipment and supplies, and a meeting to debrief and prepare for the upcoming Session

Weekend Programming

  • Work alongside Assistant Director to facilitate weekend programming, ensuring Cabin Clean-Up, afternoon free time/rest time, group activities, and evening Campfire

Week 4 - Teen Camp

  • There is no Enterprise session offered during Week 4. Rather, we are inviting an outside youth group and their leaders to experience camp by serving in our kitchens, and participating in our Teen Camp programming outside of assigned work periods. The Enterprise Director will be the only member of the Enterprise Team assigned to the program this week.
  • Serve as liaison between Week 4 special service group leaders and Camp Mini-Yo-We, being the primary point of contact throughout the week
  • Facilitate team training on arrival day, ensuring both leaders and group members are equipped to fulfill kitchen responsibilities
  • Maintain an active presence in the kitchens, coaching, encouraging, and serving along side the team
  • Actively encourage and support the group’s involvement in the Teen Camp programming, communicating schedules and other details with the team leaders

Find Out More & Apply

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Posted: January 13, 2021 | Renewed: April 14, 2021 | Expires: June 30, 2021
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