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Marketing Director

Marketing Director

Company: P2C Digital Strategies
Contact Person: Sheldon Kotyk
20385 64 Ave
Langley City, Remote

Position Description

The Marketing Director is responsible for all marketing for P2C Digital Strategies with the goal of achieving the ministry mission and vision. He or she will work closely with the Content Strategist, the Director of Mentoring Recruitment and Development, and P2C’s Marketing team to develop a fruitful marketing strategy for our ministry partners, our sites and our online mentoring programs. Success will be measured by the ability to engage with donors, generate new online mentors, and increase engagement on Digital Strategies’ network of sites and on their mentoring platform,

Primary Responsibilities

The Marketing Director will be held accountable for achieving the following objectives:

Increasing Online Traffic and Engagement

  • Engage Christians online and encourage them to sign up to become volunteer online mentors.
  • Increase traffic to Digital Strategies sites via online marketing.
  • Support international partners in their marketing development in their own cultural contexts

Developing and Executing Effective Marketing Strategy

  • Increase the number of online mentors
  • Implement bold solutions for marketing strategy, with a willingness to pivot and innovate.
  • Work closely with the Digital Strategies Marketing Team, the Director of Mentoring Recruitment and Development, the Content Strategist and the Creative Director for strategy creation, development, and execution, leveraging each team member’s strengths.
  • Actively engage in listening to and collaborating with other Digital Strategies staff for ideas, concerns, and success stories, and adjusting promotions accordingly.
  • Develop a marketing strategy that has a long-term growth focus and short-term objectives and key results (OKRs) and that moves the ministry towards the vision and mission of Digital Strategies.
  • Ensure that Marketing staff and volunteers have a fruitful personal ministry of evangelism and discipleship.

Bearing witness to Digital Strategies & P2C’s Vision

  • Engage and commit to meeting strategic, ministry, and personal goals.
  • Understand and internalize the vision and mission of Digital Strategies and P2C.

Mentoring Online

  • Become an online mentor to understand and experience the heart of Digital Strategies’ ministry

Staff Care

  • Model consistent practice of spiritual disciplines and encourage the Marketing Team to practice them. This includes participation in devotions, Bible studies, and times of prayer organized by the ministry.
  • Encourage Marketing staff to develop a positive sense of wellbeing which enables them to meet ministry demands and the needs of their personal lives.

Education & Experience

  • Experience with marketing, SEO, Google Analytics, and other marketing tools
  • Familiarity with popular social media network marketing best practices (e.g. Facebook, YouTube)
  • Executing plans on a department-wide scale
  • Experience with G Suite and MailChimp is an asset
  • Effectively leading and working in a collaborative environment

Required Skills & Abilities

  • Communication: the ability to speak and write fluently in English. Bilingualism is an asset.
  • Inspiration: building the influence of Digital Strategies in their desire to help the online world know Jesus, either by serving individuals directly or by helping international partners increase their online evangelism and discipleship effectiveness
  • Collaboration: beyond being a good team player, reaches out to other Digital Strategies staff, P2C ministries and departments to work on solutions
  • Creativity: innovating new ideas, implementing ways to increase readership and utilize new media
  • Empathy: helping each party to understand the other’s situation from their perspective, share in their suffering, and adapt to each other’s needs
  • Emotional Intelligence: ability to recognize their own emotions and understand others’ emotions
  • Teachability: Able to give and receive feedback
  • Vision: Maintain the big picture while carrying workflow detail forward in day to day tasks
  • Leadership: Demonstrate care for people while motivating action
  • Strategic thinking: Stays up-to-date with current trends — research, create, implement, and assess strategies to fulfill specific goals and adjust as needed for best effectiveness

Other Requirements

A growing, personal relationship with Jesus Christ and a pre-existing belief and demonstration of lifestyle as outlined in the P2C Code of Conduct and Statement of Faith and abide by the biblical principles outlined in these documents


This position requires Ministry Partner Development. The successful candidate will have the privilege to build a partnership team which provides financial and prayer support for the ministry. The financial support will cover the costs of the candidate’s salary and ministry expenses. Power to Change believes that Ministry Partner Development is biblical and God will provide everything necessary to fulfill the calling into ministry: finances, emotional strength and perseverance. Building a ministry partnership team is an integral part of being in ministry. There are many opportunities to bless and encourage the partnership team. Power to Change is committed to providing training and coaching that ensures success in Ministry Partner Development.

Posted: February 22, 2021 | Expires: August 22, 2021
Posted Under: Marketing/Sales
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