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Youth Pastor (Student Ministries) & Worship Leader

Youth Pastor (Student Ministries) & Worship Leader

Company: London First Church of the Nazarene
Contact Person: Rose Sorzano
176 Wellington St.
London, Ontario , N6B 2L1
Phone: 5194346221

Position Description

London First Church of the Nazarene is seeking a Youth Pastor & Worship Leader who will come alongside the present team to provide leadership and ministry to youth and assist in music and worship.

Student Ministry Focus

The Pastor of Youth Ministries is the person who has the primary responsibility for the spiritual and administrative leadership of the youth and early young adults of our church (ages 12-23).

Worship Leader Expectation & Roles

The Worship Leader will work with the Pastoral Team to lead, plan and give direction to the overall music ministry of our church.

At LFCN, we have worked hard at developing a team-based approach to ministry. At the present time, there is a team of gifted, capable, committed volunteer leaders already in place in each of these areas of ministry. They are willing to support and serve where needed.

Besides the elected Administrative Boards, there is a 30+ Ministry Leadership Team that meets bi-monthly for prayer, training, vision-casting and strategizing.

As a growing, inter-generational, multi-cultural church, we offer an excellent opportunity to become a part of a dedicated team of pastoral and volunteer leaders, and a loving community of faith.

We are seeking someone who

  • Is a maturing disciple of Christ and seeking to live as a Spirit-filled disciple of Jesus.
  • Has a heart and personal passion for youth and worship.
  • Has a good theological and practical knowledge of student leadership and worship.
  • Has graduated from a course of study in youth and/or pastoral leadership or has at least 4 years experience as a youth pastor.
  • Has experience in leading worship and accompanying music skills.
  • Has an appreciation for all styles of worship and is willing to learn and adapt to LFCN’s multicultural, intergenerational and multi-ethnic expressions of worship.
  • Has a Pastor/Shepherd heart for those he/she serves and is called to lead.
  • Is faithful in attendance at Sunday Morning Worship Services – whether or not leading in worship.
  • Attends a regular CE Group/Growth Group or some other Christian growth/discipleship group.
  • Will be actively involved in the ministry of LFCN and supportive of the church’s mission and its leadership.
  • Is willing to listen, is teachable and a servant-leader
  • Is in full support of the Articles of Faith and Church of the Nazarene Manual.

Youth Pastor Expectations & Roles


  • Re-examine and implement a philosophy of youth/student ministry based on Scriptural principles and purposeful youth ministry principles and guided by the Pastors of the church.
  • Develop a balanced program of youth ministry which fulfils our five ministry purposes.
  • Apply existing policies and procedures for effective youth ministry.

Administration and Planning

  • Attend meetings of the Church Board, Christian Education Board and Ministry Leaders Meetings.
  • Give guidance; provide direction and training for all youth leaders and the youth/student ministries team.
  • Pray with, guide and counsel youth in personal spiritual growth and development.
  • Cooperate with the District and denominational youth program, involving our youth whenever possible in district activities, camps, zone activities etc.
  • Coordinate the use of our church building and other facilities for youth activities and events.
  • Develop a 6 month calendar of youth ministry events.
  • Inform the Senior Pastor of all decisions, planning and events in advance of publication. (If unsure of church policy regarding an issue or event, consult the Senior Pastor before any final decision and announcement.)
  • Work with the Pastoral Team and Church office to coordinate the all church 6 month ministry calendar.
  • Apply existing Plan To Protect policies regarding adult sponsors, ratio, permission for events, etc., and ensure that these are in place before planning activities.


  • Give leadership to and plan for all youth events.
  • Develop student leadership through discipleship and mentoring programs.
  • Constantly evaluate the objectives and effectiveness of youth/student ministry, implementing improvement and changes whenever needed.
  • Promote the youth/student program within and outside the church.
  • Plan and present quarterly Youth/Student services.
  • Recruit, train and build a co-operative ministry team(s) of adult sponsors who share the passion and commitment of ministry to youth.

Communication & Relationships

  • Be the primary contact and Pastor of youth/students; developing relationships, counselling and mentoring, to meet the personal and spiritual needs of individual young people.
  • Build solid relationships with parents of youth, and facilitating ministries to meet their needs as parents.
  • Cooperate with the Pastoral staff and church board to ensure that the youth ministry is incorporated into the church as a whole.
  • Build strong lines of communication with the Senior and Associate Pastor, Youth/Student Parents, Church Board and entire church.

Financial Terms and Contract

Salary and benefits included in package; 30 hours/week. Details to be negotiated.

For more information please contact:

Rev. Junior Sorzano or LFCN Church Office

Posted: March 8, 2021 | Renewed: September 10, 2021 | Expires: March 10, 2022
Posted Under: Pastoral - Youth/Youth Worker
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