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Pastor of Evangelism and Outreach

Pastor of Evangelism and Outreach

Company: The Metropolitan Bible Church
Contact Person: Executive Assistant
2176 Prince of Wales Dr.
Ottawa, Ontario , K2E 0A1
Phone: 613-238-8182

Position Description

The Pastor of Evangelism and Outreach provides overall direction and implementation of a Bible-driven, gospel centered evangelism ministry through The Met to the marketplace. He provides leadership and oversight of the development of personal and corporate evangelism in a culturally relevant and engaging manner. He provides oversight and direction the local outreach ministry initiatives. The Pastor demonstrates flexibility to lead other ministry areas as well.For further information and a full job description, please contact us at

Roles & Responsibilities

Teaching and Engaging People Through Evangelism:

Responsible for the teaching of God’s Word through evangelism and outreach: (80% of time)

  • Devotes himself to prayer and ministry of the Word;
  • Applies God’s Word to current events and to our post-Christian culture;
  • Preaches and teaches regularly in evangelistic events, courses and classes;
  • Provides regular teaching series on discipleship and evangelism to everyone, but with an awareness ofthose in the marketplace and in the public square;
  • Mobilizes the congregation to be personal evangelists through planning, teaching, and assessing;
  • Models an evangelistic fervor in his community and intentionally engages marketplace / public squareemployees in evangelistic conversations; and,
  • Oversees Alpha and Christianity Explored offerings.

City Outreach:

Supervises the Manager of Community Engagement and Outreach: (10% of time)

  • Insuring that outreach and compassion initiatives are effective and aligned with the Met’s vision, whilethe Manager networks with other like-minded churches, and local organizations, to implementoutreach and compassion ministries; and,
  • Encouraging the Manager as she interacts with Met ministry leaders to promote engagement inoutreach and compassion ministries.

Ministry Strategy and Planning:

Develops and maintains an overall strategy and plan for evangelism and outreach that fits the Met mission and values (biblically faithful, mission-minded, people-developing, relationally-strong and regionally involved): (10% of time)

  • Reviews and understands The Met’s mission as it applies to evangelism and outreach;
  • Plans integration of evangelism and outreach into The Met culture across all ages and stages;
  • Evaluates existing evangelism and outreach programs in light of their evangelistic focus and establishescriteria for program assessment;
  • Finds success in Evangelism and Outreach Ministry outside The Met and applies to The Met;
  • Consults academic and ministry resources to integrate demonstrated strategies;
  • Engages other ministry staff and volunteers in the planning process;
  • Develops strategic plans, annual ministry plans and annual philosophy of ministry plans; reports regularon adherence to these tools; and,
  • Communicates plans to Met ministry staff and encourages participation.

Other Responsibilities:

There are expected to be other related duties for the Evangelism and Outreach Pastor:

  • Flexibility to lead / participate in other pastoral roles and responsibilities as needed from time to time;
  • May be called upon to preach occasionally or to lead Sunday services;
  • Is an active participant in the ministry staff discussions;
  • Participates in ministry staff and all-staff meetings, and prayer meetings;
  • Fulfills the professional development requirements;
  • Participates in the performance review process, self-evaluation and annual review sessions;
  • Develops personal goals with the Lead Pastor to enhance ministry performance; and,
  • Completes reporting requirements in a thorough and timely manner.

Experience & Education

The incumbent should have a minimum of 3 years’ experience in evangelism and outreach pastoral ministry and a seminary degree.

Additional Notes

The position is a full-time salaried position it is expected that the incumbent will often be called upon for additional requirements. The work requires some evenings as well as Sundays on a regular basis. Please advise us of any accessibility-related accommodation in your cover letter (or email).

Posted: March 30, 2021 | Renewed: April 5, 2022 | Expires: October 5, 2022
Posted Under: Pastoral
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