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Pastor of Families and Men

Pastor of Families and Men

Company: The Metropolitan Bible Church
Contact Person: Executive Assistant
2176 Prince of Wales Dr.
Ottawa, Ontario , K2E 0A1
Phone: 613-238-8182

Position Description

The Pastor of Families and Men works closely with the Pastoral Executive Team (PET) to oversee and implement Bible-based ministry in the areas of families (couples, parents, men). He provides teaching and preaching, pastoral care and counselling. He works with other ministries to encourage parental involvement, provides training programs, opportunities for intergenerational worship, teaching, fellowship and service, and helps parents to be disciple makers at home. For further information and a full job description, please contact us at

Role & Responsibilities

The Pastor of Families and Men works with the PET to foster a culture of Word-based discipleship within families and men across Met ministries. He leads with a firm conviction of the importance of the family in making disciples for the next generation. This includes both one-to-one and group discipleship and will be done through the following: Planning: The Pastor of Families and Men oversees the planning for ministry in collaboration with the Pastoral Executive Team.

He strategizes and plans to determine the priority needs in alignment with The Met mission: (10% of time)

  • Prepares to plan through a devotion to prayer and reading of the Word;
  • Regularly consults ministry leaders to implement, evaluate and execute strategies for effective discipleship ministry for couples, parents and men;
  • Develops innovative, engaging and Biblically aligned approaches to strengthen couples, parents and men and plans for their roll-out at strategic times in consultation with the ministry team;
  • Communicates plans to Met ministry staff and encourages participation; and,
  • Consults academic and ministry resources to integrate demonstrated strategies.

Teaching and Training: The Pastor of Families and Men oversees the teaching and training component of this ministry while being engaged with others on the ministry team: (60% of time)

  • Applies God’s Word to current events disrupting families and the roles of fathers and husbands in our post-Christian culture;
  • Recognizes the uniqueness of each of the groups (couples, parents and men) in preparing the teaching;
  • Develops and delivers vibrant and compelling teaching that leads couples, parents and men in a biblical study to help them understand their roles and responsibilities;
  • Develops and implements teaching for on-going training and encouragement through counselling;
  • Develops and delivers regular training programs to identify, encourage, equip and engage volunteers to help in the ministry; and,
  • Directs volunteers on how to effectively support this ministry through teaching and engaging with the participants.

Pastoral care and Counselling: The Pastor of Families and Men is available to provide pastoral care to married couples and men with the heart of a shepherd, consistent with the qualifications of a biblical elder and aligned with the building up of the body of Christ. (30% of time)

  • Counsels married couples and men using sound biblical counseling principles in a timely manner while respecting confidentiality;
  • Schedules resources including seminars, courses, retreats which will strengthen couples, parents and men;
  • Leads, plans and implements activities or programs for couples, parents, and men, including baptism and child dedication;
  • Develops channels of resources that allow parents to lead in their homes in such a way that biblical unity is maintained; and,
  • Participates in work-related conferences, including the theme of counselling.

There are expected to be other related duties for the Pastor of Families and Men:

  • Participates in ministry staff and all-staff meetings, and prayer meetings;
  • Regularly fulfills the training and requirements;
  • Participates in the performance review process, including developing (and reporting on) personal goals with the Lead Pastor to enhance ministry performance;
  • Completes reporting requirements in a thorough and timely manner; and,
  • In due course, and depending on gifting and experience, there may be opportunities to participate in preaching and Sunday service leading.

Experience & Education

The Pastor of Families and Men should have a Masters of Divinity (MDiv) from a recognized seminary with at least 3 years of ministry experience. The incumbent will also have a seminary or Bible College degree with a concentration in family ministries – or equivalent training and experience. Training and experience in biblical counselling would be an asset.

Additional Notes

The position is full time and as a salaried position it is expected that the incumbent will often be called upon for additional requirements. As a member of the pastoral team, who is adaptable and aligned with the vision, the incumbent may be requested to change, or modify, their pastoral portfolio from time to time.

Posted: March 30, 2021 | Expires: September 30, 2021
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