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Senior Pastor

Senior Pastor

Company: Madison Baptist Church
Contact Person: Dennis Toufexis
6297 Monkland Avenue
Montreal, Quebec , H4B 1G8
Phone: 5146241511

Position Description

We are seeking a Senior Pastor now that our Pastor of 23 years has retired. We are looking for someone who loves Christ and His church, who is a strong bible expositor, and is willing to be part of a team of elders who share leadership and duties to the congregation. He would be in full agreement with our statement of faith. The candidate is firm in his attachment to the gospel as the only hope for humanity, and is keen to encourage the congregation to preach this in their circles with honesty, impartiality and a genuine love for others.

We believe that as a church we desire to share our one asset, Truth, with the city and world around us. We do not attempt to compete with the world or use the weapons of the world. Like Jesus speaking to the woman at the well (John 4), we are not here to fix people's worlds - we are here to bring them from death to life, and the the joy and freedom that can only be experienced by knowing the Lord.

A Pastor who would join our church would be joining a family. Madison is a very close yet welcoming community, known in the city as a friendly church, it is free from factions and disturbances (for which we thank God alone). The board of elders are all equals, with no voice stronger than any other and all decisions made are unanimous.

We have prepared a document which contains a details about the church's congregation, ministries, values as well as our statement of faith, which will be made available to a prospective candidate. Anyone seeking this role should be willing to understand that serving in Quebec brings its own challenges, particularly for young families whose current education is in English. While bilingualism is preferred, it is not essential.

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Posted: June 30, 2021 | Expires: November 28, 2021
Posted Under: Pastoral
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