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Lead Pastor - Durham

Lead Pastor - Durham

Company: Village Church Toronto
Contact Person: Finu Iype
1355 Kingston Rd
Pickering, Ontario
Phone: 647-417-7256

Position Description

Reports to: Regional Director, Ontario
Direct Reports: Family Ministry Pastor, Ministry Associate Service Producer

Primary Objectives

The Lead Pastor is committed to provide spiritual oversight and care for the congregation, ensuring the church is connecting and growing in their discipleship through Active Community Engagement. This position is responsible for executing the strategy and daily ministry of Village Church, as informed by the Mission, Vision, and Values within the local congregation’s context. The Lead Pastor acts as the primary shepherd and leader of the congregation and site-specific staff and oversees all physical and logistical aspects of the site. The Lead Pastor has the ultimate responsibility for developing their leadership pipeline.

Demonstrated Competencies

Relational Leadership: Leads in an honest, respectful and sensitive manner, in order to bring others alongside the mission of developing fully devoted followers of Christ. Possesses a diplomatic and pastoral leadership style and can connect on a broad spectrum to coach individuals and help leaders develop. Has a strong understanding of the basic principles of Christian counselling and can provide sound biblical counsel to those seeking it. Acts as a shepherd by connecting and guiding people to the next step of their spiritual journey.

Oral Communication: Delivers complex and profound theological teachings clearly and persuasively. Applies an engaging and eloquent presentation style and advanced facilitation skills to convey ideas and engage others in thought-provoking discussions. Articulate and engaging when speaking to a room full of people.

Results Orientation: Increased drive towards action and making things happen. As a high-energy, catalytic, self-starter, is able to effectively drive the action of others and make things happen. Sets challenging and achievable goals and has a strong sense of urgency about solving problems and getting work done.

Team Builder: Able to gain consensus on a team. Drives team collaboration and cohesiveness. Diffuses conflict quickly and effectively. Relationally connects with others to encourage them to become volunteers and develops volunteer leaders. Connects each volunteer to the mission of the church and is able to multiply the team.

Project Management: The ability to plan, develop and implement a set of tasks and manage resources to attain a specific outcome within a designated time frame. Oversees multiple, complex projects involving multiple stakeholders. Consults with stakeholders on emerging issues and develops contingency plans. Is able to multi-task and problem solve.


  • Maintains an in-depth understanding of all Village Church ministries, classes, and operational procedures.
  • Maintains overall standards of operations as defined in the Site/Central handbook for Sunday, community events, and midweek experiences.
  • Supervises, develops, coaches, counsels, and empowers the site staff in goal setting, professional development, conflict resolution, and the day-to-day ministry and operational activities.
  • Strategizes and collaborates with site staff and the leadership team on the annual calendar, budget, and site initiatives.
  • Provides strategic leadership and assumes responsibility for the overall growth of membership, attendance, group and Local Mission engagement, serving, baptisms, and giving (Active Community Engagement).
  • Fosters and develops the Prayer Ministry at the site by teaching and modelling prayer in accordance with Village Prayer Values. Models and leads the church in financial discipleship.
  • Assumes accountability for all aspects of Community Groups, including recruiting and coaching new leaders, overseeing their spiritual health, and keeping them relational and missional.
  • Understands, models, and enforces the Volunteer Appreciation Strategy.
  • Delivers class content and relevant, engaging, Biblical messages as scheduled.
  • Identifies, invites, and develops the Site Leadership Team.
  • Develops Local and Global Mission partnerships and proactively seeks a personal and church presence in the community.
  • Leads the Hiring Process for site staff.
  • Manages the financial health of the site including, fundraising and donor relations, and collaborating with the team to create and manage the site budget, and ensure compliance.
  • Develops relationships with other area Leaders/Pastors.
  • Assumes the ultimate responsibility for all supplies, logistics, assets, and inventory, which includes the site truck if applicable.
  • Ensures all responsibilities are completed in a purposeful, strategic and focused manner that points people to Jesus.
  • Acts as a servant by inviting, discipling, training and equipping others to serve.
  • Ensures all responsibilities are produced, promoted and lead with a high level of innovation and excellence, honouring God at the highest level.
  • Acts with a sense of ambitious urgency, ensuring all work is completed wisely and impactfully. Time is a gift from God, so make it count.
  • Maintains an openness to being a learner by committing to continuous spiritual, professional, and self-development.
  • Contributes to the best team culture by participating joyfully and working well with peers.
  • Commits to thanking at least one volunteer on a weekly basis.
  • Demonstrates behaviour consistent with the Standard of Conduct as outlined in the Village Staff Manual.

Key Results


  • The effectiveness of lives being transformed by the Gospel is increasing and is being tracked through numbers of people serving, the Sunday and midweek group attendance, baptisms, and giving.
  • All responsibilities are completed in an efficient and timely manner, ensuring that all staff are able to work harmoniously for the accomplishment of the mission of Village Church.
  • Volunteers serve joyfully and authentically out of the Good News that we are redeemed and have purpose in Jesus. Everything we do points back to this.
  • Attendees, Leads, and volunteers continue to grow and become Christ-like disciples and disciple-makers.


  • The location has clarity of vision, is unified, has a sense of purpose, and is growing.
  • Volunteer teams are healthy in number and commitment; they are equipped, engaged, and appreciated.
  • People are given the opportunity to use their gifts and talents in high-capacity volunteer roles - entering into the work that Christ is doing through the local church.
  • Community Groups are growing and impacting neighbourhoods. They are healthy and vibrant with a sense of community ownership.
  • All ministries and initiatives are running effectively, and they are being executed according to the Operational Standards as outlined in the Village Church Playbook.


  • People are being strategically connected to discipleship tracks, and new groups are being regularly established.
  • There are intentional and growing Local Mission initiatives and partnerships, and there are regular connections with those who aren’t well connected.
  • People are being connected and feel cared for.
  • Relationships are being pursued with unchurched people - connecting with them, inviting them to events and Sunday services.
  • All aspects of the Sunday worship experience and midweek expressions are vibrant, relevant, impactful, and are being executed with excellence.
  • Overall, the Location is reflecting the mission, vision and values of Village Church.


  • Philosophically aligned with Village Church Mission, Focus and strategy.
  • Fulfills character qualifications as highlighted in 1 Timothy and Titus.
  • Fulfill the duties required of Village Church members as outlined in the ‘This is Village Church’ course.
  • Pursues a deeper relationship with Christ and greater spiritual growth through prayer, the gospel, and community. Is a disciple.
  • Proven spiritual maturity and theological depth, and the ability to teach theological and biblical concepts.
  • 5 + years of church ministry experience preferred
  • Must have proven experience leading and managing teams.
  • Passion and skill with regard to the development of individuals, and the proven ability to recruit and train.

Work Week

  • 40 hrs/week – Sunday to Thursday, unless agreed to and approved by the Executive Pastor of Sites & Multiplication.
  • Occasional travel
Posted: August 12, 2021 | Expires: November 10, 2021
Posted Under: Pastoral
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