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Children’s Ministries Coordinator

Children’s Ministries Coordinator

Company: Hollydene Community Church
Contact Person: Cory Fry
1806 San Juan Ave
Victoria, BC, British Columbia , V8N 2H9

Position Description

The Children’s Ministries Coordinator role is a part-time position, but could be expanded to include other pastoral ministries and leadership activities to make up a full-time pastoral position.

Most of all, our Vision team is looking for someone who loves Jesus, is motivated by the evolving role of the church in our cities, cares strongly about spiritual formation in children, and is excited to invest in and help to develop an amazing community for families, with the main focus being children and youth aged 0-10.

A Simple Church

Our desire is to be a church that encourages people to meaningfully engage with their greater community by bringing a Gospel response to the needs around them.  Rather than filling calendars with programs that pull people out of neighbourhoods and draw the life out of people, we strive to embody that promise of Jesus to “bring life more abundantly.”

Our three ‘core values’ (hospitality, formation, and mission) are more about adopting gritty practices than ascribing to certain lofty ideals. We love the arts! We love to try new things, but …we also love the ancient church calendar (and observe Advent and Lent)! We are deeply concerned about restorative justice issues. Partnering with other missional organizations (whether it be Young Life, the Mustard Seed, Justice Ministry, or the Noah Logan Society) has been celebrated as deeply as when we have launched initiatives on our own.

Hollydene is a community of about 260 people, with about 50 of those being children and families, with an average attendance on Sundays of about 140.


The Coordinator is responsible for:

  • Planning and coordinating Sunday School programs and other activities for children ages 2-10. (Hollydene has invested in an excellent children’s curriculum that we are excited to launch this fall
  • Recruiting, training and caring for volunteers to work with children; including distributing, checking, and collecting applications, references, criminal record checks
  • Communicating with parents to understand the needs of their children and families
  • Organizing the set-up of materials and spaces for all children’s Sunday ministries
  • Ensuring that all volunteer roles for the weekly Sunday service are assigned and communicated each week; including the volunteer roles for the nursery ages 0-2
  • Collecting, storing, and rotating craft supplies and toys
  • Organizing ad hoc and supplementary childcare during other church activities such as retreats, community meetings and special events
  • Providing other reasonable kid’s ministry duties as assigned by Hollydene

As a leader within Hollydene church, the coordinator is also expected to:

  • Attend Sunday and alternative Hollydene gatherings when possible
  • Participate in monthly meetings with a supervisor for feedback and support;
  • Provide reports and updates to the Vision team
  • Participate in leadership development and staff retreats and meetings when possible

Job Specifics

Note that regular attendance at Hollydene Community Church Services on Sunday is a requirement and is considered paid time

  • The Coordinator will report to the Pastor(s) of Hollydene but will take functional direction from other Hollydene leaders
  • The Coordinator will work an estimated minimum average of 40 hours per month
  • Hollydene will reimburse the Coordinator at an hourly rate that corresponds to a candidate’s experience. This will be agreed upon based on expected hours and coordinator’s education, work experience, and level of other responsibilities.


The expected hourly rate for this role is currently in a range of $18-25 per hour.

The rate will be negotiable based on candidates’ level of education, years of experience in similar work, years of service, and the level of responsibility of the role.

Please note that this role could be seen as—or evolve into—a pastoral position with increased hours, responsibilities and a negotiated salary commensurate with experience. As Hollydene grows, our Vision team is seeking strong leaders for a number of roles. Depending on the candidate’s availability, we are flexible on the hourly commitment and are flexible based on what might work best for the ideal candidate.

If you are interested in this position, please send an email with a cover letter and resume, and we will be in touch. If you have questions, or would like to learn more about this role or other leadership positions available within Hollydene Community Church, please send an email to

We are looking to hire this role in a permanent contract position for the fall of 2021.

Posted: September 16, 2021 | Expires: December 15, 2021
Posted Under: Pastoral - Children's Ministries
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