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Associate Mandarin Pastor

Associate Mandarin Pastor

Company: Ottawa Mandarin Wesleyan Church
Contact Person: Anthony Ling
C/O 203 Kincardine Drive
Ottawa, Ontario , K2V 1C5
Phone: 613-762-8686

Position Description

Ottawa Mandarin Wesleyan Church is Seeking an Associate Mandarin Speaking Pastor!


Ottawa Mandarin Wesleyan Church (OMWC) is an evangelical Christian church that upholds the truths of the Bible and proclaims the salvation of Jesus Christ. Located in Kanata–known as the Northern Silicon Valley, due to the development of high technology–it has attracted many high-tech professionals, and many new immigrants of Chinese origin.

OMWC shoulders this mission: worship the true God, spread the gospel, edify believers, build fellowship, and serve the community. We seek a Mandarin speaking preacher who shares our mission and vision.

Ministry Focus

The pastor of Ottawa Mandarin Wesleyan Church will be responsible for: shepherding and leading the development of a comprehensive ministry; cultivating the congregation to become disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ; coordinating with other departments of the church; and establishing a strong church family.


To be qualified for this position he:

  1. Must be a Christian who is filled with the Holy Spirit and believes the Bible is inerrant. His vision and values ​​must be consistent with the Wesleyan denomination.
  2. Must complete a theology course of the Master of Divinity at an accredited seminary or obtain an equivalent degree.
  3. Will have a Chinese cultural background and be able to provide pastoral counseling.
  4. Must be proficient in Mandarin and English, whether written or communication.
  5. Will have excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
  6. Must possess legal status to be able to live and work in Canada.
  7. Will have 3-5 years pastoral experience.

Main duties

The main duties of the Pastor will be to teach the Word of God and shepherd the adult congregation who speak Mandarin. In addition, the Pastor will develop various aspects of the church including:

  • Ministry Vision/Strategy: Develop and implement ministry visions and strategies.
  • Curriculum setting: Select, develop and evaluate relevant courses and materials used in the Mandarin Ministry, especially in the areas of Bible teaching, worship, discipleship, ministry, fellowship, and personal evangelism.
  • Sunday Sermons: Preach the Word of God every Sunday.
  • Co-workers: Appoint, train, coordinate and supervise core teams and co-workers in the Mandarin Ministry.
  • Meetings: Represent OMWC at the pastoral staff meeting and Wesleyan Annual Council.
  • Pastoral care: Visit with family and friends of OMWC, especially when they are in trouble. Seize the opportunity to spread the gospel and follow up with new friends.
  • Budget: Participate in the church's budget planning process, prepare and manage the budget for the current year and the next few years.
  • Office hours: Work diligently with flexible office hours.
  • Personal growth: Have a teachable heart and continue to equip yourself by participating in joint meetings, seminars, courses, or personal training.

Pastoral responsibilities

  1. Assist brothers and sisters to develop a personal relationship with Jesus and lead them to achieve greater spiritual maturity (Ephesians 4:11-13).
  2. Teach all the scriptures, help brothers and sisters to establish a solid biblical foundation and a correct worldview, with the goal of strengthening their faith and rooting them in the truth, so that they can glorify the name of the Lord in their lives (1 Corinthians 10:31).
  3. Help the congregation understand their own gifts and ministry positions. Give them opportunities to serve and support their calling in the church body.
  4. Explicitly show care to the congregation and remember them in prayer.
  5. Establish a suitable, positive, and lasting relationship with brothers and sisters.
  6. Work closely with the core team, care for all co-workers, foster a healthy and joyful environment to serve.





国语堂牧师将负责教牧,及领导国语堂全面性事工发展的工作,培养会众他们成为主耶稣基督的门徒,领导国语堂的事工,与教会其他部门事工配搭, 建立教会。


A.   是一位一切以圣经的真理为准则,被圣灵充满的基督徒,异象与价值观都与卫斯理教宗相符。

B.   在认可的神学院完成道学硕士的神学课程或获得同等学历。

C.   必需俱有中国文化背景,能够提供教牧辅导。

D.   必须精通国语和英语,无论书写或沟通。

E.    必须具备良好的人际关係和沟通技巧。

F.    拥有合法身份能够在加拿大居留和工作。

G.   拥有3 – 5年牧会经验。


透过宣讲和教导神的话语来牧养讲国语的成年会众 。发展国语堂的策划、组织、进行及改善国语各方面的事工,包括:

A.   事工异象/策略:发展和推行事工异象和策略。

B.   课程设定:选取、发展和评估国语事工中所使用的有关课程和材料,特别是在圣经教导,敬拜,门徒训练,事奉,团契,和个人布道等方面的工作。

C.   主日证道:负责每周主日讲道及分享。

D.   同工:在国语事工里委任、培训、协调和监督核心团队和同工。

E.   会议:代表国语堂参与教牧同工会议及卫斯理年议会。

F.   教牧关怀:探访国语堂家人和朋友,尤其他们在有困难的时候,把握传福音的机会,和跟进新朋友。

G.   财政预算:参与教会的财政预算计划过程,准备和管理当年和未来几年的国语事工财政预算。

H.   办公时间:有弹性调整。

I.     个人成长:常常保持受教的心,透过参加联合会议,研讨会,课程,或个人进修,继续装备自己。


A.    协助兄弟姐妹发展与耶稣的个人关系,引导他们达致灵命更成熟(以弗所书 4:11-13 )。

B.    教导神全部的训诲,帮助弟兄姊妹建立一个稳固的圣经基础和正确的世界观,以坚定他们的信仰并在真理上扎根为目标,让他们在生活中荣耀主的名。(哥林多前书 10:31 )

C.    帮助会众了解他们自己的恩赐和事奉岗位,给他们机会去操练,让他们知道自己在教会肢体中的呼召。

D.    明显地向会众表示关怀,并在祈祷中记念他们。

E.    与兄弟姊妹建立合宜且持久的良好关係。

F.    与核心团队紧密合作并关怀各同工,让他们在事奉当中喜乐倍增。

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