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Lead Pastor

Lead Pastor

Company: Highland Baptist Church
Contact Person: Norma Crouse
135 Highland Road West
Kitchener, Ontario , N2M 3B9
Phone: 519-745-9461

Position Description

We are seeking a passionate and talented Lead Pastor to help grow our faith and congregational membership at Highland Baptist Church.  The Lead Pastor will provide pastoral oversight and leadership to our church and to the areas of its work and to its congregation.  

Overview of Highland Baptist Church and Community  

Highland Baptist Church is a richly, faith-based church operating in the centre of the City of Kitchener, serving the greater community in ministry and service.   The current church evolved through growth from a downtown church to the present rendition constructed in 1958.    The church hosts many community programs including the Children’s Needs Distribution Centre (CNDC – supports for low-income families), Stepping Stones (addictions support groups), LINC program (Federally funded education for new Canadians), and sponsored Community Dinners.  The church is actively involved in missions to Indigenous communities of Canada, India, Cuba and others as examples.   The church has approximately 150-200 active members. 

Highland’s Mission Statement

God calls us to practice the compassion and love of Jesus Christ, locally and globally, in risk- taking mission and service and to nurture a diverse and thriving church family where all people of every ethnicity may worship and serve God with joy.

Qualifications and Education Requirements

  • Passionately embodies God’s word and lives out the gospel in their daily life
  • Shows a deep commitment to Christ and has a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ 
  • Communicates and interacts with all church users in a caring, respectful and joyful manner
  • Engages all individuals and families participating in church 
  • Supports scripture-based doctrine as a baptized (immersed or membership transfer) believer
  • Demonstrates consistent spiritual moral character and lifestyle 
  • Excels in organization, administration, and developing interpersonal relationships within all age groups   
  • Is committed to remaining in a long-term (5 year minimum) ministry at Highland Baptist Church
  • Embodies future-oriented thinking, utilizing creative problem-solving strategies and skills
  • Demonstrates a strong preaching resonance that links the current day with Biblical references
  • Possesses ministerial leadership experience of at least five years
  • Is Proficient in computer usage including Microsoft Office suite and familiarity using relative church software
  • Is Proficient in technologies related to audio-visual aids demonstrated through church services, meetings and presentations
  • Is able to relate to and participate in social media, including the church website, Facebook, in a manner that promotes, engages, and encourages the Congregation and others receiving the message
  • Is ordained (not necessarily CBOQ, but willing to become CBOQ ordained) with a Masters of Divinity degree 



  • Consistently delivers easily understood, Bible-based sermons that are engaging, relevant and challenges those who hear to seek or deepen their relationship with Jesus 
  • Provides a focus on spiritual growth, discipleship, and Christian community 
  • Works with church staff and ministerial leadership to assess current church programs and mandates and leads in the identification and implementation of opportunities for spiritual and congregational growth
  • Has well-developed communication, including strong listening skills and can clearly articulate the vision, mission, and strategies that will spiritually grow the church
  • Prepares preaching/worship schedules in advance, coordinates and plans with worship leader and worship ministry team to ensure that worship services are effective regarding content, style, structure and design
  • Sets aside specific time for study and preparation of the sermon weekly
  • Creates regular opportunities for people to respond to the message of Christ through evangelistic/discipleship messaging
  • Works to establish a Sunday worship service that provides meaningful preaching, uplifting music, drama, and spiritual countenance which enhances the congregational worship experience in a way that helps connect day to day themes and personal struggles with the teachings and illustrations in the Bible
  • Provides the Sunday worship service within a platform that reaches both the in-person and online audience

 Leadership/Leadership Development & Discipleship

  • Leads the Congregation by example and by teaching
  • In partnership with Highland’s Vision and Leadership Team, Ministerial Staff, other church support Staff, and Ministry Teams, is able to lead and implement the vision and mission of the church
  • Provides oversight to staff members that allow them flexibility to accomplish their responsibilities, focusing on Highland’s overall goals
  • In partnership with Highland’s vision and mission, adjusts to societal changes without compromising Christian doctrine 
  • Works with Highland’s Vision and Leadership Team and Ministerial Staff to maintain a compelling vision and acts as key implementation champion for the strategic plan
  • Meets regularly with Highland’s Vision and Leadership Team, Ministerial Staff, other church support staff, to facilitate the work of the church
  • Holds regularly scheduled Staff meetings and provides direction, support and encouragement to staff members
  • Liaises as needed with Highland’s Ministry Teams
  • Actively encourages congregational commitment and volunteerism in support of our mission and vision

Mission/Community Engagement

  • Champions mission by inspiring, equipping, and motivating the congregation to share the gospel with all in our community and others within our reach
  • Through outreach and ministry activities, seeks to reach the unchurched in the community using innovative methods
  • Engages and works with other ministries and organizations to serve the community.
  • Spends intentional time in the community
  • Equips and mobilizes the congregation in the role of mission and in the development of strategic outreach ministries and initiatives

 Congregation Relations/Pastoral Care

  • Has a relational connection to the congregation, and provides ongoing pastoral support and care of the congregation and other ministerial staff and leaders
  • Prays for, serves, and provides spiritual leadership for the congregation, staff and community
  • Cares for the spiritual and physical life of the congregation through supportive listening, conflict management, referral to other professionals
  • Carries out hospital visitation and ministry to shut-ins in partnership with the other ministerial staff
  • Conducts baptisms, counseling services, weddings, and funerals

Professional Development/Personal Growth

  • Continues to grow spiritually and is a lifelong learner
  • In a desire to grow, actively seeks honest feedback and constructive criticism on a regular basis from ministerial staff, ministerial leadership, congregation and others
  • Devotes time to spiritual, mental, physical development and well-being through personal disciplines
  • Attends courses, workshops, and conferences as appropriate
  • Attends a small group as a participant and/or leads a small group
  • Participates in self-evaluation as well as evaluation/feedback yearly


  • Works with all staff to ascertain administrative needs of the church
  • Works within the administrative budget and maintains fiscal responsibility with the church resources

Compensation and Benefits

Salary is commensurate with education and experience.

Anyone applying for position will be granting permission for background checks (educational, references, financial, criminal).  These checks will only be done if the applicant is chosen as one of the candidates for the position

Completed applications can be emailed to: by November 12th, 2021.

Posted: October 12, 2021 | Expires: November 12, 2021
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