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Tyndale Youth Ministry Leadership Conference 2018 #TYMLC2018: 

Join other Youth Pastors and lay leaders on Nov 16 - 17, 2018 for the Tyndale Youth Ministry Leadership Conference in Toronto. Back by popular demand given the interest in the topic last year, Dr. Bradley Noel will be delving deeper with double the time and focus on ‘Generation Z’.

Career Posting Expiry

When you create a new career posting, you will choose an expiry date for the posting:

Career posting expiry date edit screen

  • Your career posting will automatically expire after this date, so for example if you choose an expiry date of June 5, your posting will expire after midnight June 6
  • The default expiry date is set to 90 days from the day you create the posting; you can change this to a shorter or longer time
  • The maximum expiry date you can select is 6 months from the day you create the career posting
  • When your career posting has expired, you will be sent an email notification. You can then renew the post if you wish.