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Bookmarking career opportunities

Note: You must have a free Job Seeker account to use this feature. Create an account or log in
Note: you must have a free Job Seeker account and be logged in to use this feature

When you find a career posting that you like and you want to remember it, you can bookmark it. At the bottom of each career posting you will find a button labeled "Save this career" (fig. 1). If you click on this button you will save the posting in a personal careers list.

When you log in, you will be directed to your Dashboard, which contains the list of your saved careers. You can get back to this list at any time by following the "My Dashboard" link in the main menu. This link will only appear if you are logged in.

Keep in mind that your saved careers will be automatically removed after their expiry date (or if the posting is deleted). If you go to your Dashboard and can't find a career you'd saved, this is probably why.

Bookmark Screenshot
fig. 1